Between having a few seats outside and having a true outdoor living environment, outdoor accent tables make the difference. Your outdoor seating area will become more functional as well as more inviting when you add end tables and coffee tables. Examine this gallery of backyard patio designs to find out how to match your outdoor sofa and chairs with end and coffee tables outside.

Outdoor Teak Root Table (Credit: Arhaus)

Outdoor Teak Root Table (Credit: Arhaus)

Flexibility is Essential

For outdoor entertaining, which is typically more casual and flexible, using various accent tables is very useful. When you have more visitors, you can divide the tables into additional end tables or combine many tables to make one enormous surface.

Identify Your Needs

To choose your new outdoor coffee table, you must first decide exactly what you need.

You can start this process by measuring your outside space. Make sure to take measurements of the available space with any existing furniture, such as outdoor seating, in place. Measure your complete space, from length to width, if you’re beginning from scratch.

You should also think about how much space your coffee table will occupy. You want to be able to move freely around the table and comfortably relax on your outdoor sofa or armchairs without having to continually avoid its corners.

Outdoor Teak Root Coffee Table (Credit: Rypen)

Outdoor Teak Root Coffee Table (Credit: Rypen)

Think About Your Current Furniture

It’s now time to assess your current furnishings to choose which kind of outdoor coffee table will complement your current setup the best.

To create a distinctive space, you can easily combine different furniture styles. Alternatively, you might want to stick with a specific theme based on your current outdoor seating.

For instance, if your backyard already has an outdoor couch like our Aluminum Outdoor Sofa, you might want to maintain that look throughout the entire space. If wicker appeals to you more, perhaps you’re aiming to create an earthy, tranquil retreat with lots of plants.

Discover Sustainability

How sustainably created it is (or, in most cases, how sustainably made it isn’t) is another important aspect to take into account while looking for a coffee table.

Unfortunately, the majority of well-known companies rarely get their supplies sustainably, and frequently their production methods aren’t profitable. At Outer, we take pride in the fact that we operate differently.

Our selection of outdoor seats and the teak we use for our coffee tables come from ethically run plantations in Java, Indonesia, where every tree cut down is replanted by three more. This lessens climate change by offsetting our carbon impact.

Furniture Bleached Teak Root Coffee Table

Because of its quantity, sustainability, and beauty, teak is one of the most durable timbers and one of the favored woods to work with among Indonesian artisans. Our furniture designers incorporated the tree’s natural state into their design, allowing you to appreciate its beauty and intricacy. Each coffee table is as unique as the tree from which it is made.

Furniteak’s products are always handcrafted by expert artisans using natural, sustainable, or repurposed materials. Small size and color differences are to be expected.

Teak is the world’s toughest wood and is native to South and Southeast Asia. Teak wood from Furniteak is the most durable and weather-resistant of all hardwoods.

When you order our bleached teak root coffee table online, we make it as simple as possible for you to find out when your product will be delivered. If you have any concerns regarding your purchase or any other product information, our customer service representatives are here to help.

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