The side table might be easy to overlook when creating a room, but they can have a bigger influence than you might realize, so today we’re giving our advice for picking the ideal one!

This post is for you if you’re planning a fantastic room, want to add another dimension to your reading place, or are thinking about changing your accent pieces. When selecting a side table, we prefer to keep the following in mind:


Let’s start by discussing the technicalities. Make sure the side table complements the piece of furniture you plan to place next to it when selecting one.

Credit: Foter

Credit: Foter

A common side table in a big room sits just below the arm of the seat. However, for a more contemporary look while creating our homes, we favor a somewhat taller side table. This will prevent it from getting lost among the rest of your artwork. Additionally, we discover that a taller side table serves the same purpose!

Regardless of the style you want, make sure the side table’s measurements are correct when you buy it so it fits properly. 


Consider what use your side table will serve before making your choice.

Would you like to arrange a table light on it while still leaving space for books and a candle? Or are you putting it next to a chair as a decorative accent item for coasters? The size of the surface will depend on its intended use, guiding your decision on the ideal design!


Side tables are the ideal piece to use when blending styles, materials, and tones in our rooms to create contrast. For instance, to add another level of dimension to a conventional armchair, we might place a contemporary side table next to it.

Choosing side tables for a great room is usually done last since it gives us time to think about the existing furniture and add accents that will balance the overall design.

Credit: Ingenio Virtual

Credit: Ingenio Virtual


We enjoy employing items that aren’t really side tables as side tables since experimentation often results in the best designs. A retro stool can be placed next to the sofa and used as a side table; we love the unexpected touch it adds. 

Furniteak Bleached Teak Root Side Table

The simple side table plays a significant role in supplying both aesthetic style and functionality within your life and home interior. It is more than just a decorative piece of living room furniture. Having trouble locating this furniture? Just place a direct order with us!

Indonesian teak furniture with natural durability and beauty may be found in Furniteak’s collection.

The best teak root was chosen for this furniture, which was then hand-cut into lengths that could be emphasized with curves and finally crafted into lovely patterns and designs.

This natural product is elevated by the finishing procedure, in which each piece is individually polished with premium wax oil to form a robust protective covering.

Please read shop policy for complete information. 

You can request any finishing at no additional cost!

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