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Buy Teak Root Rectangular Dining Table & How to Remove Water Stains


Nothing on a dining table sticks out as much as white water stains. Since the biggest offender is the bottom of cold glasses or the top of a hot mug being placed directly on a wooden table, water stains are frequently visible as white rings. 

However, they are not necessarily in a ring shape because any cold or hot object, such as heated serving utensils or spilled drinks and food, can leave markings. Due to water becoming clogged on the table’s surface finish, the white marks appear murky. This results from either the steam of the hot objects or the condensation of the cold objects.

Credit: Unsplash
Credit: Unsplash

It’s crucial to understand that if your watermark is dark brown or black instead of white, this indicates that water has damaged your table’s wood by penetrating through the finish. Depending on how far the damage has penetrated the wood, this is typically repairable by sanding the area and applying a protective finish again.

The best course of action is to try to drain the water that has become trapped in the top finish if your table has white, foggy watermarks. Using a hairdryer or heat gun to evaporate the water and help it exit from the finish is the simplest way to accomplish this.

Here are some simple steps to ensure you remove the stains safely without damaging your table further:

  • Set your hairdryer to medium to high temperature.
  • Hold it around 10 cm away from your tabletop and move it side to side over the stained area. You shouldn’t smell any burning – if you do, make sure you lower the heat or go further away from the tabletop.
  • After 2-3 minutes, you should start to see the stain start to fade.
  • Keep it over the area for 15-20 minutes or until the stain has disappeared fully.
Credit: Unsplash
Credit: Unsplash

It’s possible that the watermark will remain visible if it has been on the table for some time. We suggest that you proceed to the next step by dabbing a tablespoon of mayonnaise on the affected region and wrapping it in a kitchen towel for the night. 

Although it can sound strange, mayonnaise is made up of a blend of oil and vinegar. While the vinegar’s acetic acid helps break down the surrounding finish, allowing the restored area to mix in with the existing finish, the oil will gently seep into the wood overnight, assisting in the restoration of the table’s color.

Furniteak Teak Root Rectangular Dining Table

Our teak furnishings are selected from the best wood, dried and taken to Indonesia where they’re carved by the best wood artists in detail, adding beauty to the aspect. Then, it’s wrapped with the best and classiest materials that give you a unique frame of mind. 



We sell furniture made from Indonesian teak root, a beautiful and durable material that has been used for furniture for hundreds of years.

Make your home dazzling with an exclusive centerpiece, from the best teak wood and made by experienced craftsmen, made especially for you and your beautiful home. 

Buy Teak Wood Root Dining Table & How to Remove Scratches


Since the dining table is a piece of furniture that is frequently used for family meals and homework assignments, it should come as no surprise that over time it will begin to exhibit symptoms of wear and tear.

We have some simple DIY ideas and tactics to keep your hardwood table looking brand new because sometimes these are unavoidable.

Credit: Unsplash
Credit: Unsplash

Here are some quick tips for repairing minor dings or damage to your dining table:

By softly sanding the area with a sanding block or sponge, the majority of minor or superficial scratches can be eliminated. Sanding should always be done with the grain. This is due to the fact that sandpaper leaves scratches on your dining table; hence, the rougher the paper and the deeper the scratches, the lower the grit (80, 120). 

By following the wood’s natural grain, the scratches can be concealed by the grain. The scratches will stand out if you go against the grain since they won’t disappear.

When removing light scratches, start with fine sandpaper (180 grit) and then use something lighter (240 grit) to blend in and lessen the scratches that the 180 grit generated. Prior to this procedure, you might want to think about using  medium sandpaper (120 grit) if the scratches are deeper.

Credit: Unsplash
Credit: Unsplash

Finish sanding the region in the direction of the grain using 240 grit sandpaper to erase the scratches left by the lower grit paper and blend the area in. You will be able to see the scratch marks from the coarse paper if you go from coarse sandpaper (120 grit) to fine sandpaper (240).

Before utilizing oiling or waxing to restore the dining table’s finish after removing the scratch or damage, make sure to thoroughly clean the surface.

When removing really small scratches, sandpaper isn’t always necessary; you can use several common household products instead.

Furniteak Teak Wood Root Dining Table

At Furniteak, we take pride in importing teak root furniture directly from Indonesia. 

Our teak root furniture is dried to perfection and taken by skilled craftsmen and artists who add their unique touch, making each piece of wood art a work of art. 

Furniteak Furniture is a unique and exclusive product, made from teak wood that has been gathered from the wild. We take great care in selecting only the finest wood for our products, ensuring that the teak wood is dry and in good condition before being carved by hand. 

The natural grain and texture of each piece originate from its surroundings; each is therefore completely individual, making it unlike any other.

Buy Teak Wood Root Console Table & Way to Keep it Clean


It is important to clean your dining table on a regular basis, especially since this is where you and your family will eat. When cleaning a wooden dining table, you must be extremely cautious because many off-the-shelf cleaning products include harsh chemicals and/or abrasives that will break down the top finish and cause irreversible damage.

Our cleaning procedures will not only remove germs but will also be gentle on your hardwood table, making it safe to dine on and maintaining its longevity.

Cleaning a Wood Table with Vinegar

Credit: Unsplash
Credit: Unsplash

If your table is finished with oil, wax, varnish, or lacquer, the five procedures listed below are our recommended cleaning procedures.

Fill a bowl halfway with warm water and add a tiny amount of white vinegar, around 1-3 teaspoons to one cup of warm water. Because white vinegar is an acidic liquid, it must be thoroughly diluted with water. White vinegar’s acidity makes it great for cleansing a table surface after food has been spilled on it.

Check your vinegar-to-water ratio by starting with a single tablespoon of vinegar and a cup of water and testing a tiny area of your table before cleaning the entire surface. For wax and oil finishes, we recommend a more diluted solution (1-2 tablespoons of white vinegar) and a stronger solution for varnish and lacquer (2-3 tablespoons).

A rough textured cloth or the rougher side of a sponge will ruin the finish on your table, so use a soft, non-abrasive cloth. To attain the greatest results, we recommend using a microfiber cloth. If your dining table has a bumpy surface, we recommend cleaning it with a small soft thistle brush before applying the vinegar solution.

Credit: Unsplash
Credit: Unsplash

When dipping the cloth in the water, make sure it is not saturated with the vinegar solution because the fabric simply has to be dampened. Even if only for a short while, having too much liquid on a tabletop surface is never a good thing.

After thoroughly wiping off the table with the towel, rinsing it with clean water and wiping it down again. This will get rid of the white vinegar residue as well as any other dirt.

Get a separate dry, soft cloth and make sure the table is completely dry. Any moisture left on the table will have a long-term impact on the surface, as moisture will gradually begin to break down your tabletop finish.

Furniteak Teak Wood Root Console Table

We sell genuine teak wood furniture from Indonesia. The hand-made, solid teak root furniture has an organic feel and is crafted by Indonesia’s top teak carving craftsmen. 



Our teak root furniture is made from the highest grade teak wood, which is straight with no cracks or worms and has good quality piling holes to attach details.

Our teak furnishings are chosen from the best wood, cured, and shipped to Indonesia, where they are detailed and beautifully carved by the best wood craftsmen. Then it’s wrapped in the finest materials to give you a one-of-a-kind frame of mind.

Buy Glass Console Table With Teak Root Base & Tips to Maintain It


When shopping for a dining room table, it is critical to consider the material being utilized to construct the table. We recommend that you choose a sturdy wooden dining table to ensure that it will last a long time.

Credit: Unsplash
Credit: Unsplash

Solid wood’s structural strength is due to its firmly packed fibers. Tables constructed of less expensive materials, such as plywood, particleboard, and MDF, can sag over time. However, solid wood will remain firm and can last a lifetime if properly cared for.

Nonetheless, a wooden dining table may be strong, but it is a natural object that must be properly cared for to guarantee that it endures the test of time and maintains its lovely appearance.

How to Protect and Care for Your Wooden Table

Naturally, your dining table will show signs of wear and tear over time. There are some simple things you can do every day to preserve your dining table from aesthetic and structural harm. These are time-saving activities that will ensure that your table not only lasts a long time, but also remains in excellent condition.

Credit: Unsplash
Credit: Unsplash

When deciding where to put your dining table, think about how close the nearest heat source is to the table. Placing your table within 1-2 metres of a radiator or fireplace, for example, could jeopardize its structural integrity. Direct heat can cause the wood fibers to shrink, resulting in splitting or breaking along the grain or where there are joints across the tabletop.

If you have an extended dining table with removable eaves, it is critical to store the eaves flat to avoid warping. It’s also critical that they’re kept dry; ideally, the eaves should be stored in the same room as the dining table, so they’re both kept at the same humidity level at all times. Because of the increased moisture in the air, wood stored in a loft or a garden shed may swell.

As we covered in the previous point, moisture can wreak havoc on your solid wood dining table, so ensure that if any food or liquid gets spilled directly onto your dining table, it is cleaned immediately. If liquid is left on the table surface, it will first start to break down the finish and then find its way into the wood. This can leave permanent watermarks or even cause swelling and structural damage to your tabletop.

Furniteak Glass Console Table With Teak Root Base

We are well-known for our one-of-a-kind range of Indonesian teak root furniture. All pieces are expertly handcrafted from the best teak wood sourced legally in Jepara and Blora, Indonesia.


Our goods are extremely sturdy and will bring beauty to your home for many years to come. Each piece’s plentiful natural form and grain cannot be reproduced.

Teak Root Furniture sells legal teak root furniture from Indonesia, selected from the best wood, dried and carved by the best teak wood artists in detail, attaching importance to the beauty aspect, then wrapped by finishing with the best and classiest materials, to create a unique teak quality, one-of-a-kind, but still with the most affordable price. 

Buy Reclaimed Teak Root Console Table & Reasons Why It Is So Desirable? 


Reclaimed wood, you’ve seen it if you’ve read architectural journals, watched recent architecture and design awards, or simply looked at the built world around you. Reclaimed wood flooring, reclaimed wood paneling, reclaimed wood siding, reclaimed lumber – it’s everywhere.

Reclaimed wood creates a statement, attracts attention, increases well-being, and benefits the environment. It’s more than just a design trend. The use of recycled wood is a deliberate choice for the environment and building occupants; it is a vital aesthetic and meaningful architectural component. Here, salvaged wood has become a popular design material.

Reclaimed Wood Has a Proven Track Record

Credit: Unsplash
Credit: Unsplash

Reclaimed wood is a popular choice for many award-winning buildings and designs, thanks to the durability of wood floors and the warmth of wood siding. It may improve and complement almost any design style.

When designers use salvaged wood, they may be looking for a material with a rich patina, circle sawn lines, and nail holes to highlight its history, but reclaimed wood can also have a clean or eclectic appearance. In each case, there is a soulful nature and a significant story to be discovered.

Reclaimed Wood Has Both Beauty And History

Reclaimed wood instantly lends authenticity and charm to a space. Today’s designers are embracing an approach that emphasizes the organic natural beauty of wood and has a stronger impact on the built environment. 

Occupants have a positive emotional and bodily reaction to wood flooring, siding, paneling, stairs, beams, and furniture. Reclaimed wood has an additional effect.

Sometimes the former history of the wood is visible, indicating that it has character, but even when it has a clean aesthetic, reclaimed wood delivers powerful stories of repurposing wood and employing what would have otherwise been tossed and squandered.

These stories enrich and enhance the natural beauty of the wood, creating a richer experience.

Reclaimed Wood Promotes Sustainability

Credit: Unsplash
Credit: Unsplash

Reclaimed wood has a number of environmental advantages over new wood. Reclaimed wood lessens the devastation caused by deforestation, prevents valuable resources from being wasted, and wisely repurposes wood that has been considered unfit. Other benefits include far lower emissions than those associated with new wood logging, transportation, and processing.

Old growth wood is extremely sturdy and long-lasting. Old growth wood is denser and consequently more physically durable, with superior rot resistance, due to the densely packed growth rings. 

In comparison to new growth wood, old growth wood is less likely to splinter, split, or distort. Humans have mostly decimated the world’s old-growth forests. It is critical to maintain the surviving old growth forests because they are rich in biodiversity, crucial for managing water flows, and influence climatic patterns.

Furniteak Reclaimed Teak Root Console Table

Decorate your home with teak root furniture from Furniteak. Beautifying your home has never been so easy and cheap. Give your room an exclusive impression with selected high quality teak root furniture.

It is harvested from hundreds of years old teak, touched and made by teak root craftsmen with more than 20 years of experience.

Teak Root Furniture is a collection of Indonesian teak root furniture that is naturally durable and beautiful. This furniture has been selected from the best teak wood found in Indonesia, and cut by hand into lengths that can be accented with curves and then worked into beautiful shapes and designs. 

The finishing process is what takes this natural product to a higher level, as every piece is custom finished with a high-quality wax oil to create a durable protective layer.

Buy Black Teak Root Console Table Furniture & Tips to Clean It


Teak wood has a high silica content and natural oils, making it exceedingly solid. The silica also makes this substance impenetrable to insects, which burrow holes and weaken it. It does not corrode metals with which it comes into contact because of the silica and oils.

Finally, the teak tree takes a long time to mature, despite great demand. Prices naturally rise due to the increasing demand.

Cleaning your teak furniture keeps it in pristine condition. There is a recommended cleaning method that will not compromise the inherent characteristics or beauty of teak wood. The methods in the list below are ordered from least to most intense. 

Dishwashing Liquid

Credit: Unsplash
Credit: Unsplash

For every two cups of water, you’ll need about six drops of dishwashing liquid. Begin by combining these ingredients in a small bucket, then dipping a soft-bristled brush into the liquid. After that, scrub down the furniture, paying special attention to the stubborn locations of muck. After you’ve washed the furniture, hose it down with water and let it dry for 24 hours.


Vinegar has antibacterial qualities that keep bacteria and germs at bay. To begin, combine one cup of vinegar with one gallon of water. The process from the prior technique is then repeated.


Credit: Unsplash
Credit: Unsplash

You can use this procedure to clean your teak patio furniture. Bleach can be acidic and cause discoloration in some wood. 1/4 cup liquid dish soap, 2 quarts of chlorine bleach, and 2 gallons of water should be combined. 

This is a more aggressive procedure than the previous two, so test it on a small area of the furniture before continuing. For this procedure, you’ll need to move your furniture to a concrete surface first. Gloves and aprons are also advised because the solution can be irritating to the skin and stain clothing.

Apply this solution similarly to the previous two ways, thoroughly rinsing the furniture with water to prevent discoloration or fading.

Furniteak Black Teak Root Console Table

Decorate your home with teak root furniture from FURNITeak. Decorating your home has never been so simple or inexpensive.

Make your room stand out with high-quality teak root furniture. Make an unforgettable impression on your house guests. Give them a WOW factor.


It is extracted from hundreds of years of teak, handled and manufactured by teak root craftsmen with over 20 years of experience.

Teak roots will last a lifetime, and with hundreds of years of teak age, teak root furniture is unbreakable. We exclusively offer high-quality teak roots with customized designs and shapes.

Your teak roots will not be owned by others because they are unique and lovely, with their own appearance and advantages.

We provide :

  • Teak Root Coffee Table
  • Teak Root Console Table
  • Teak Root Dining Table
  • Custom Teak Root coffee table
  • Custom Teak root console table

You can request any type of teak root furniture, any size, any color and any finish! Just contact us directly and we will provide the best teak ever!

Buy White Teak Root Console Table & How to Preserve Your Furniture


Teak wood is ideal for outdoor furniture due to its strength and longevity. It’s very useful for patio furniture and flooring. However, while it is fantastic for the outdoors, it can last a lifetime or more indoors. Teak wood is valued not just for its durability but also for its beauty. A touch of its golden brown finish may instantly transform any environment.

Teak wood furniture is typically left unpainted because its natural characteristics allow it to survive in a wide range of situations and settings. The one drawback to this lumber is that it discolors over time, giving a pale silverish tone. This may be good for some, while others prefer to leave their furniture a rich, deep brown.

Here are some finishes they can apply to preserve their teak wood furniture:

Credit: Unsplash
Credit: Unsplash


If you want to keep the golden-brown color of your teak wood, finish it with oil. Tung, lemon, walnut, or linseed oil, as well as solvents, are used in teak oil treatments. These oil treatments will shield your furniture from UV rays and keep it from graying.

Oil treatments, on the other hand, take natural moisture from your teak wood, which may reduce its usable life. To maintain the effects of the oil, you should apply it to your furniture once a year.


Teak can be used indoors for flooring, railings, and posts. The ideal finish for interior teak is wood lacquer. Lacquer finishes are available in satin, medium, and high gloss.

Credit: Unsplash
Credit: Unsplash


Marine varnish is occasionally used for exterior doors and trims, but it is mainly applied to teak wood on decks and ships. Varnish protects your wood by giving it a durable and lustrous finish. It’s time-consuming because you’ll have to coat, strip, and re-varnish treated components on a regular basis.

Furniteak White Teak Root Console

Furniteak sells legal Indonesian teak root furniture. Selected from the best wood, dried and taken and carved by the best teak wood artists in detail and with an emphasis on the beauty aspect, then wrapped by finishing with the best and class materials, to create a one-of-a-kind teak quality, but at the most accessible price.



Our teak furnishings are chosen from the best wood, cured, and shipped to Indonesia, where they are detailed and beautifully carved by the best wood craftsmen. Then it’s wrapped in the finest materials to give you a one-of-a-kind frame of mind.

Make your home stand out with an original centerpiece crafted from the finest teak wood by skilled artisans. Made specifically for you. For your lovely home. Just for you.

Why Should You Buy From Furniteak?

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Buy Natural Teak Root Console Table & Tips to Mix Different Wood Shades 


The era of matching wood décor in rooms has (hopefully) passed. Mixing multiple wood hues in décor now gives variation in color, texture, and pattern, making a space more aesthetically appealing. But what is the trick to blending different wood tones without making a space look haphazard?

While there are no hard and fast rules, there are a few things to bear in mind if you want to produce a particular appearance or mood. What is the most important thing to understand? Because natural wood hues are neutral, they may be easily incorporated into any color scheme. From opposing tones to patterned grains, here are some expert suggestions for mixing and blending wood colors.

Rustic Charm in a Small Open Concept Home

Credit: Unsplash
Credit: Unsplash

All of the wood furnishings in this open concept compact home complement the reclaimed wood feature wall. The walnut dining table, a gorgeous hardwood known for its robustness, complements the chocolate brown tones of the walls. The mismatched beech dining chairs add a splash of color. The honey-toned wood complements not just the caramel tones of the walls but also the oak floor.

Combine Live Edge and Modern Wood Pieces

This small kitchen has four different wood tones. The natural curve of the live edge wood countertop catches the eye. The rustic, carved wood bar stools in walnut add a bohemian touch. The handcrafted wood cabinets add a splash of golden yellow color. Warm walnut boards finish off the floors.

Use Contrasting Colors and Textures

Instead of matching wood pieces, consider contrast, especially in textures and finishes. All of the wood tones work well together, from furniture to decorative accessories. The smooth wood serving bowls stand out against the rough dining table. The rosewood mid century console complements the golden oak floors.

Modern Black Living Room with Wood Accents

Credit: Unsplash
Credit: Unsplash

This living area has an edge thanks to the black walls and various wood tones. The room is furnished with classic mid century furniture. On the left is a rosewood-framed old sofa. Dark teak makes up the slatted coffee table. A tree stump end table sits next to the black leather lounger. The wood mantel contrasts with the dark background while emphasizing the cow skull.

Combine Wood Tone Warm and Cool

Do not be afraid to mix cold and warm wood tones in a space. The pale wood floor in this guest room contrasts with the dark, warm wood walls. The bedding in soothing cold blue colors and the rug in a stimulating and warm shade of red assist in balancing the room’s opposing color palette.

Furniteak Natural Teak Root Console Table

Our teak root furniture is legal, from Indonesia, and created from the finest quality teak trees that grow in the jungle. We use only the best and most sustainable wood, so you can rest assured your purchase will be environmentally friendly. 


Our artisans are true craftsmen who spend a lot of time creating these fine works of art! You can be sure that when you purchase our furniture you will receive a handmade piece of art with many years of lasting quality.

You can request any teak root furniture, any size, any color and any finishing! Just contact us directly! And we can make your dream come true!

Buy Teak Tree Root Coffee Table & Tips Creating Timeless Appeal Living Room


Natural wood’s beauty can make any area feel warmer and more welcome. Wood coffee tables are especially simple to coordinate because, as long as you stick to complimentary wood tones throughout your furniture theme, each piece will simply adapt to your décor or color palette choices as they grow over time.

We scoured the internet for our favorite wooden coffee tables to share with you, ranging from low-cost options to serious collection-worthy designer items. With this curated buying guide, you can choose the ideal coffee table to anchor your living room. Which one is your personal favorite?

Credit: Unsplash
Credit: Unsplash

Round Wooden Pedestal Coffee Table

This simple pedestal table features a bold base for excellent stability, and the tabletop is slightly lipped to keep small items from rolling away. This solid wood coffee table is finished in walnut for easy coordination with contemporary, bohemian, and mid-century interior themes.

Glass Coffee Table with Sculptural Wood Base: A gravity-defying base for the dramatic Expose table is created by cutting, gently bending, and arranging thick layered strips of birch plywood – a clear glass tabletop offers an uninterrupted view of the sculptural interplay below. Choose between walnut and oak finishes.

Storage Round Wooden Coffee Table

This huge round storage table, available in whitewashed oak or deep oiled walnut, offers spacious surfaces for your must-haves and favorite decorations. This large table is made of solid wood and decorated with elegant veneers.

Credit: Unsplash
Credit: Unsplash

Wood Coffee Table with Geometric Glass Top

With a refined form, slim legs, and clean lines, this beautiful wood coffee table keeps things simple. The tabletop makes a stronger first impression; it is constructed of glass and silk-screened with a retro geometric pattern in grey and yellow.

Square Metal and Wood Coffee Tables

This square coffee table has a modest footprint that is excellent for smaller living areas, but multiples may be paired together to create a larger surface area. This style is available with either a whitewashed oak or a walnut top. The base is offered in white or black, both with appealing leather details.

Furniteak Teak Tree Root Coffee Table

Teak Root Furniture sells legal teak root furniture from Indonesia. Selected from the best wood, taken and carved by the best teak wood artists in detail, attaching importance to the beauty aspect, then wrapped by finishing with the best and classiest materials, to create a unique teak quality, one-of-a-kind, but still with the most affordable price. 




Make a lasting impression on your house guests. Give them the wow factor. Teak roots will last a lifetime and are unbreakable due to the hundreds of years of teak age. We exclusively offer high-quality teak roots with custom designs and shapes.

Others will not be able to claim your teak roots because they are unique and attractive with their own appearance and benefits.

Buy White Teak Root Coffee Table & Tips to Add Beauty in Your Home


There are some wonderful wood coffee tables available. Some use exotic wood and shapes to generate a striking effect. Others are as lovely, albeit more subtle in style.

We’ve gathered a selection of wooden coffee tables in various styles for you to consider. They may inspire you to consider how you might use something similar in your own home.

Live-edge Trio

Both beautiful and useful, this trio of live-edge coffee tables. The basic metal legs balance the ornately curled edges. Because these tables are light and strong and can be relocated to the ideal position or clustered as a dramatic centerpiece, this type of set is ideal for entertaining.

Credit: Unsplash
Credit: Unsplash

Rustic Tree Trunk

This coffee table was made by its creator from a single wood trunk. It may appear imposing, yet it lacks any ornamental details that would make it showy. It would fit perfectly in a modern rustic setting or a mountain lodge. In either case, it is a focal point that will be remembered.

Marble Top Wood Table

A wood coffee table with a marble top is a good option if you want a more upscale look. This coffee table fits so many different types because it has the ideal balance of traditional and contemporary styling, making it a transitional style.

The wood base of the coffee table is delicate in design. While marble is a beautiful addition, it is too high maintenance for some settings. 

Credit: Unsplash
Credit: Unsplash

Small Rustic Coffee Table

Some of us desire the advantages of a coffee table while not having a huge living space. Consider a choice that is huge in style yet modest in scale. It creates the ideal position without taking up any valuable floor room for drinks, a book, and the remote. It is a win-win situation when you add in its breathtaking beauty!

Drum Coffee Table

The drum coffee table’s basic, modern design that goes with many different types has helped it grow in popularity over the past several years.

The round wooden coffee table’s natural finish goes nicely with living rooms decorated in modern, Scandinavian, or bohemian styles. Low or no legs are used on drum coffee tables. Additionally, the coffee table’s body, base, and top are all one piece for a seamless appearance.

Furniteak White Teak Root Coffee Table

Teak Root Furniture is a unique and exclusive product, made from teak wood that has been gathered from the wild. We take great care in selecting only the finest wood for our products, ensuring that the teak wood is dry and in good condition before being carved by hand. The natural grain and texture of each piece originate from its surroundings; each is therefore completely individual, making it unlike any other.

Furniteak’s teak root furniture is a great way to furnish your home. Never before has home improvement been so simple and affordable.

Give your area a luxurious feel with carefully chosen, top-notch teak furniture.

It is crafted by teak root craftsmen with more than 20 years of experience using teak that is gathered from trees that are hundreds of years old. Make a lasting impression on guests that come to your house. Make a WOW impression on them.

Contact us through email or WhatsApp and explain your needs! We will make your dreams come true.