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Buy Block Teak Root Coffee Table with Storage & Things You Should Know

We all want a perfectly curated, ultra-minimalist coffee table to be the focal point of our living rooms, but let’s be honest: coffee tables with storage present a much more practical approach to real-life design—one in which not every book is designed with visual interest, one in which mail, remotes, and board games all find a home. 

We’ve gathered a selection of storage coffee tables that will look nice while storing your less desirable items, or can provide extra display space if you have a collection you want to show off to your guests. Continue reading to locate the ideal piece for your home space.

Choose the Correct Size for Your Living Room Aesthetic

Credit: Unsplash
Credit: Unsplash

Choose an appropriately-sized table to fit the appearance of your living area to create a coherent and well-flowing environment. Modern coffee tables look wonderful in contemporary designs, and design-led pieces may provide a genuine focal point, especially in neutrally-decorated rooms.

Before looking for a coffee table, take a head-on photo of your current living room so you may examine the proportion of the table compared to its surroundings.

If you have a modern aesthetic, you’ll probably want a smaller coffee table to balance the room. However, if you have more classic items, you may choose larger tables.

Choose the Best Shape for Your Coffee Table

When shopping for a new coffee table, keep form in mind. Instead of the traditional rectangle coffee table, consider how a square coffee table, round coffee table, or oblong coffee table might complement your environment.

Credit: Unsplash
Credit: Unsplash

Longer couches look great with rectangular tables. Consider a rectangular coffee table to break up a room with a lot of soft lines. Because lengthy couches make round coffee tables appear small, their round shape works best with shorter sofas and more condensed seating arrangements. Because there are no sharp corners to trip over, they are an excellent choice if you have small children or dogs.

Determine How You Will Use Your Coffee Table

In addition to asking yourself the question, What size coffee table should I get? Another item you should consider is the primary purpose or function of your coffee table. While the gold coffee table is an ideal choice for displaying modern coffee table decor, a black coffee table may be a wise choice to double as a WFH workstation.

If you need a work surface, choose a higher table that can hold your laptop or books. If you want to create a more comfortable and casual atmosphere, use something lower to set your cup of coffee and nibbles.

Furniteak Block Teak Root Coffee Table

Furniteak Teak Root Furniture is a collection of Indonesian teak root furniture that is naturally durable and beautiful. 


This furniture has been selected from the best teak root found in Indonesia, and cut by hand into lengths that can be accented with curves and then worked into beautiful shapes and designs. 

The finishing process is what takes this natural product to a higher level, as every piece is custom finished with a high-quality wax oil to create a durable protective layer.

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