Indonesian teak is typically grown for 30 years and is light brown with a faint grey color.

Indonesian teak is particularly sought after due to its ideal combination of hardness, strength, durability, and long-lasting beauty.

Teak Types Classified by Grade

Credit: Unsplash

Credit: Unsplash

In addition to considering the location from which your teak is derived, keep in mind that teak comes in a variety of “grades.” The grade of teak defines the wood’s quality and appropriateness for garden furniture, flooring, and other purposes.

A Grade Teak

As you may think, grade A teak wood is the best.

Grade A teak is taken from the heart of the teak tree and is referred to as’ heartwood. ‘Grade A teak has a very consistent golden-brown color and a smooth, glossy surface that is greasy to the touch since it is harvested from the very center of the tree.

Grade A teak’s high oil content makes it extremely weather and insect resistant. Furniture made from Grade A teak should survive for a very long time. It is not uncommon for Grade A teak garden furniture to last for more than a half-century.

All of this, though, comes at a cost. Grade A teak is the most expensive teak since it represents only a small portion (at most a quarter) of a felled teak tree.

B Grade Teak

Credit: Unsplash

Credit: Unsplash

Then there’s Grade B teak. Grade B teak is harvested from the teak tree’s outer hardwood part.

Grade B teak has a lighter color, a somewhat less uniform grain, and less luster than Grade A teak. Because Grade B teak has a slightly lower oil content, it benefits from teak oil treatments on a regular basis.

C Grade Teak

The lowest grade of teak wood is grade C, which is rarely used in garden furniture. It is derived from the outermost parts of mature teak logs (known as sapwood). It’s also harvested from juvenile trees that haven’t had time to develop the attributes that you’d anticipate from Grade B and A teak.

Because Grade C teak is quite soft, it will not endure even moderate wear and tear.

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