Styling a home isn’t always easy. Even talented stylists and decorators may find it difficult. My objective is to remove the mystery and frustration of decorating and to provide some décor ideas that you can use to create a house you want to live in! I want you to have a home that is both beautiful and efficient and pleasant. That is always the objective!

An end table, also known as a side table, gets its name from its intended use: it is often placed on either end of a sofa or on either side of a bed. However, there are numerous other applications for this piece in your home. Here are some decorating ideas for an end table with storage.


Credit: Unsplash

Credit: Unsplash

If you can’t find an end table with enough storage, consider nightstands. Nightstands, like this rustic wood nightstand, perform the same role as end tables but have a distinct name. Furthermore, they often have similar dimensions and provide greater storage space.

Put a table between two chairs

Make a conversation area by placing two chairs side by side with a small end table in the center. To create a more intimate setting, slant the chairs toward each other – individuals are naturally more open to discussion when they sit in an open stance with their bodies angled toward each other. 

Put a table on one end and a plant on the other

Place a plant on one end of your sofa and a side table on the other to create interest with a mismatched effect. (As an added bonus, this layout incorporates air purifying plants into your room.) 

Choose a plant that is at least two feet taller than the arm of your couch, and make your side table appear taller by adding a lamp on top or hanging wall décor above the table to extend its shadow upward.

Add an end table in the bathroom

Credit: Unsplash

Credit: Unsplash

Bathrooms are another small space that can accommodate a compact end table for added storage. Store additional soap, shampoo, bath bombs, towels, loofahs, or washcloths on your end table near your bath.

Place it in your entryway

A tall, thin end table can fit alongside your door if you have a narrow doorway. It will add entryway storage and a spot for you to leave your keys as you walk in.

Furniteak Teak Root Side Table

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