In recent months, the UK populace has spent more time than ever before in its gardens and outdoor spaces. As a result, thousands of individuals have renovated their outdoor dining areas to duplicate or compete with their pre-lockdown favorite alfresco hot spots.

We’ve gathered four beautiful outdoor dining ideas to make your garden eating areas “Instagram” worthy, whether you’re seeking inspiration for a whole overhaul or just want to make some minor tweaks.

Make Your Outdoor Dining Area Open All Year

Credit: Unsplash

Credit: Unsplash

Sheltering your outdoor dining area means that you may dine alfresco regardless of the unpredictable British weather, but it also ensures that your garden dining area is the focal point of your outdoor space.

Roll out a large colorful rug beneath your patio furniture to make the room more intimate and to further change transform your outdoor eating area into a multifunctional location for you and your family to enjoy.

Create an “Exotic” Dining Room

Traveling far from home may feel like a distant memory, but the lockdown has reignited some people’s desire to brighten up their gardens.

Britain is flowering, with record demand for seeds and flowers, so why not incorporate your newfound love of gardening into your outside eating area?

Arbours and pergolas give so much flair to a garden, especially when planted with blooming vines. Combine one of these with a large solid wooden table and seating to make a charming garden dining area.

Make an Outdoor Kitchen

Credit: Unsplash

Credit: Unsplash

When the first rays of sunlight shine in the UK, Brits are generally spotted outside in their gardens, burning up the grills. During the lockdown, one in every five millennials who invested in their gardens purchased or would purchase a grill, more than any other generation.

A grill has become a must-have for any outdoor space. Without one, no backyard is truly complete. With so many options, including natural gas, electric, portable, and charcoal grills, you’re sure to discover the perfect barbecue for your yard and budget.

Balcony Vibes

If you live in an apartment and want to unwind after work on a bright evening, going to the public park is the last thing on your mind. Having your own minimalist, elegant outdoor dining area is a requirement. Balconies are frequently the most neglected area of a home, especially in tiny flats where balconies are frequently utilized for storage.

If you prefer a more basic style, choose bar stools and a table that can fit on the railing. It not only saves room but also provides a place to sit if you wish to eat outside!

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