The coffee table takes center stage when it comes to living room furniture. Aside from the sofa, it’s one of the first things people search for when moving into their first home or upgrading from hand-me-downs from college.

It’s easy to ignore the much smaller side table, but we’d argue that it’s just as vital as the main table. These adaptable pieces of furniture serve as a place to set a drink, as storage, and, depending on the form of the table, as an extra seat or a mini-bar.

Even though your side table isn’t in the spotlight, it’s still important to decorate it similarly to your coffee table in order to create a balanced atmosphere that reflects your individuality. Continue reading to learn about our favorite must-haves for a well-styled side table.


Credit: Unsplash

Credit: Unsplash

Shed some light on it. Side tables are ideal for exhibiting other design components. Introduce much-needed accent lighting while choosing a beautiful lamp that adds a co​​lor pop or a shapely design to your decor.

Something to Read

Take the books from the shelf and bring them into the room. Books can reveal a lot about your hobbies and give a splash of color. Place a stack of books (three is usually the ideal number) on top or on a secondary shelf.

A Treasured Object

Display your favorite things. A lovely bowl or dish, a found piece of coral, a treasured charm, or a must-have tray are the things that make a space your own.

A Touch of Ambience

Credit: Unsplash

Credit: Unsplash

A scented candle with your trademark aroma, as well as a gorgeous dish of flowers, add instant ambiance. If you don’t have time to gather fresh-cut flowers, imitation blossoms or greenery will suffice for year-round color.

A Basket or a Dish

The key to maximize style is to reduce clutter. Setting out a beautiful basket or dish on a side table to collect the bits and ends is our go-to approach for keeping it clean. You can now store remotes and reading glasses while not in use.

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