Who doesn’t want a perfectly decorated home worthy of the pages of their favorite design magazine? However, when an active family lives in that home, maintaining a photo-ready appearance necessitates certain deliberate design considerations. 

Even the most active family can maintain a stylish house they’ll be glad to show off with intentional fabric choices, inventive storage solutions, and selections that fit your lifestyle.

One of the main concerns of any active family is the possibility of spills and excessive wear ruining a meticulously maintained look. Fortunately, style and durability are not mutually exclusive. You can enjoy your trendy new look for years to come if you choose products made of specific materials.

Credit: Pexels

Credit: Pexels

Families may wish to consider durable, easy-to-clean fabrics such as Microfiber or synthetic materials with the excellent look of leather when purchasing a new sofa, loveseat, chair, or sectional. These textiles not only look wonderful, but they can also withstand high traffic and make clean-up simple when accidents occur. 

You could also think about these textiles when choosing upholstered dining chairs for simple cleanup after meals. Choose modern designs instead, which feature clean lines and fewer gaps and crevices to gather crumbs.

Another major problem for active families is finding a means to keep the clutter under control. The more members of your family you have, the more items you will need to store. Adding extra storage space to your home does not have to distract from its style; on the contrary, it can improve it. 

Choose a fashionable TV console or wall unit, for example, to increase storage space in your living area. This will not only provide a stylish home for your TV and media components, but many types also include additional cabinet or drawer space for storing toys, school supplies, and other items. 

Credit: Pexels

Credit: Pexels

Some sectionals have built-in storage compartments that are helpful for storing remote controls, periodicals, or small electronics.

When it comes to home styling, the best thing an active family can do is choose furniture that fits their lifestyle. Choose a large dining table with leaves that may extend the surface to accommodate guests if your family spends a lot of time interacting over meals or holding dinner parties. 

If weekly movie evenings are how your family connects, consider investing in a home theater or sectional seating that will accommodate everyone. If you frequently have overnight guests, a sleeper sofa can effortlessly change any living space into an extra bedroom. You can keep any family home magazine-worthy by selecting furniture that compliments your lifestyle.

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