If you don’t buy all of your wood furniture in a matching set at the same time, it’s practically hard to match the finishes. The inclusion of wood flooring and other built-in elements complicates matters even more. The good news is that combining different wood finishes may add intrigue, depth, and character to any space.

Most people accumulate furniture over time, with some purchased, some inherited, and some integrated as families or roommates join forces. You can embrace several finishes and create a sophisticated and appealing environment with a few designer tips. 

Look for similar styles, undertones, and grains, or make a buffer to coordinate when the tones don’t go together. Assorted wood finishes create an interesting, layered effect.

Set the tone

Credit: Pexels

Credit: Pexels

Warm wood stains with red or yellow undertones complement each other, whether light or heavy in intensity. Cool, ashy gray finishes blend well in various saturations for a polished aesthetic.

In this room’s woods, cool tones match the slate gray sofa. The ashy gray floor contrasts with the espresso chair legs, walnut table, and ebony picture frames on the wall.

The finishes in this formal living room are dominated by warm tones. While the cocktail table and end table are both finished in rich cherry, the console table has a warm honey brown stain and the floor is a much lighter shade. The warmth of these woods complements the bright colors of the fabric choices.

Include Pieces With a Variety Of Wood Finishes

Floors that incorporate both light and dark tones provide a forgiving canvas for blending several furniture shades together. Some furniture collections use a two-tone wood treatment, which produces a dynamic look and aids in the mixing of different tones.

Credit: Pexels

Credit: Pexels

This rustic bedroom’s light and dark finishes add to its attractiveness. The driftwood beige and coffee brown finishes of the platform bed are carried through to the nightstand and dresser. The medium brown floor effectively balances the two.

Be Playful

Putting together a look you like should be enjoyable. Mixing finishes allows you the opportunity to purchase furniture items that speak to you, allowing you to create a one-of-a-kind, custom curated appearance whether you are outfitting an eclectic, classic, or transitional environment. 

In this colorful, cottage pedestal table dining set, matched wood stain finishes are festively complimented with a rainbow of paint colours. The multi-tone wood floor works well with a wide range of woods.

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