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Buy Teak Root Dining Set & Tips to Choosing Your Style

The next step is to determine the style of your dining table after deciding on its size and shape. Look around your home and decide what you believe will go best with the style. 

A reclaimed wood dining table should fit in perfectly if you choose a rustic, modern aesthetic, or if you prefer an industrial design, look for steel frames. There are many different table styles, so we’ve compiled a list of some of our favorites below.

Live Edge 

A type of furniture called “live edge,” also referred to as “natural edge,” utilizes the inherent beauty of the tree in its design. The table’s edge is carefully kept and left unfinished for a raw appearance that adds character and authenticity. 

Live edge furniture is perfect for people searching for a true statement table where the wood is the focal point because no two pieces will ever look the same.


Industrial design is not a new trend, but given its recent popularity spike, it doesn’t seem like it will fade very soon. Industrial style interior design refers to uncomplicated, minimalist interior design that is inspired by the soaring appearance of warehouses. 

It entails utilizing raw materials like metal, wood, and brick walls as the main focus of the dwelling. Industrial-type dining tables give your dining space personality and style by combining sturdy steel legs with a solid-wood top.

Rustic Farmhouse Style

Credit: Unsplash
Credit: Unsplash

Rustic farmhouse style tables, inspired by rural living and farmhouse environments, have been around for generations and are still a popular table choice. Rustic dining tables have a lot of character and charm, so it’s no surprise that they’re in high demand. 

You would believe that this is a style reserved for individuals who live in the countryside, but you’d be incorrect. It’s a trendy interior design idea that works well in a variety of home designs. 

Rustic farmhouse tables typically have a worn or textured wood finish that gives them an antique appearance. In fact, because the entire table is built of solid wood, you can easily paint and customize the color of your table to match your interiors.

Reclaimed Wood

People are becoming more mindful of their carbon footprint, and the desire to purchase ‘eco-conscious’ products is growing. Simply put, reclaimed wood is wood that has been reused or recycled, avoiding the need to cut down additional trees. 

Not only are the individual knots and rings on each plank of wood gorgeous, but the grain is also denser, making it ideal for a dining table. Because it has already been exposed to hot and cold environments, it has dried out and will not expand or contract like young wood.

Furniteak Teak Root Dining Set

Furniteak’s teak root furniture can be used to decorate your home. Decorating your home has never been so simple or inexpensive.

Make your room stand out with high-quality teak root furniture.

It is extracted from hundreds of years of teak, handled and manufactured by teak root craftsmen with over 20 years of experience.

You can request any finish at no extra cost! Contact us via email or WhatsApp and describe your requirements! We will make your dream come true.

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