Choosing wood types that complement one another may be difficult; you don’t want the wood tones to be too similar, as this can make the area look flat and dull, but you also don’t want too many completely different wood finishes, as this can make the space look too busy. To maintain optimal Feng Shui, keep the combination just right.

With so many different wood options available, it may be easier for some people to try to match their wood furniture and flooring perfectly, but there are several reliable ways of mixing diverse woods into the home together. We’ve put up a comprehensive tutorial on how to match wood furniture with wood floors.

Dark Wood Floors with Dark Wood Furniture

Credit: Unsplash

Credit: Unsplash

Dark wood flooring combined with dark wood furniture creates a striking appearance in the room. If you want a more casual, informal atmosphere, choose lighter furniture to help make the area feel lighter and airier.

Consider putting a bright colored rug on the floor and keeping the walls and furnishings neutral to create a break between the dark wood floor and furniture.

Light Wood Furniture With Light Wood Floors

Light wood furniture with bright wood floors is a terrific alternative for individuals searching for a light and airy room. Light wood floors are often neutral in tone, but certain varieties of light wood have warm undertones. It’s critical to remember to search for a strong yellow or red undertone, as this can alter how it looks with wood furniture.

If you want to pair light furniture with light flooring, consider wood pieces that are a few colors darker than the floor. This is done to avoid the room appearing too neutral and devoid of individuality. To contrast with the light wood, you can add a slew of accessories in a variety of materials and colors.

Dark Wood Combined With Light Wood

Credit: Unsplash

Credit: Unsplash

Because contrast is a fundamental guideline of any style or décor, the simplest method to match furniture and flooring is to use dark furniture on light floors or light furniture on dark floors. Dark wood flooring may make lighter wood furniture stand out, whereas light wood flooring is the perfect complement to darker furniture pieces.

In fact, if you try to match wood tones in your home and it isn’t a perfect match, it appears as if you’ve failed on purpose. When you choose one light and one dark option, it’s clear that you weren’t attempting to match the wood finishes.

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