One of the simplest ways to start attracting birds to your garden is to have a well-stocked bird table. However, with so many styles and designs available, it might be tough to decide which one to purchase.

These suggestions will assist you in determining what factors to consider while selecting the ideal bird table for your yard.


Credit: Bird Spot

Credit: Bird Spot

Check that your bird table is large enough. Because birds don’t like crowded settings, a bird table with a feeding platform of roughly 3-4 square feet will likely result in more fighting than feeding.

Large bird tables will be more appealing to predators like squirrels and rats. You might even discover it occupied by a neighborhood cat who enjoys viewing the birds in your garden from a higher perch.

If you only have a little garden or a patio or balcony, you might consider a hanging bird table. They will take up less space than a post-mounted bird table and can be hidden in trees and shrubs, making them more appealing to smaller, secretive birds.


Although wooden bird tables are still popular, tables made of other materials such as metal, plastic, polycarbonate, and even glass are now available.

Bird tables constructed of more sophisticated materials are frequently easier to clean and more weather resistant. This implies they may outlast wooden bird tables, which can deteriorate over time regardless of how well they are kept and maintained. A more modern type bird table may go right in if you have a contemporary or urban garden.

When purchasing a wooden bird table, be sure it is made of FSC certified wood. FSC stands for Forest Stewardship Council, and wood with its ‘tick tree’ logo has originated from forests that adhere to strict environmental and social guidelines.


Credit: homeandroost

Credit: homeandroost

Birds can be harmed by cheap, poorly made bird tables. Joints that move or scissors could trap them, and sharp, unfinished edges could injure their feet. Low-quality bird tables are unlikely to endure long in the great British weather, so invest in a well-made bird table that is built to last.


Don’t ignore the design of your bird table’s foundation. A large, substantial base will keep your bird table from tipping over. If your bird table is not feeling particularly firm, you may need to secure it to the ground with stabilizing anchoring pegs or something more improvised, such as sandbags or bricks.

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