Sometimes design is all about discovering the beauty in the ordinary. Scandinavian style, with its emphasis on minimal and functional furnishings, is a good example. The focus on doing more with less is what makes these charming, slightly rustic homes feel open, airy, and welcoming.

This aesthetic is as much about emotions as it is about appearance. Despite lengthy, brutal winters, Scandinavians are among the world’s happiest. Are you wondering why? Learn more about this style, how to get the look, and what it means to live a hygge existence.

Principles of Scandinavian Interior Design

Credit: Pexels

Credit: Pexels

Above all, Scandinavian decor is straightforward. With plenty of storage and open spaces that enable your eyes to wander freely, this layout makes smart use of space. Scandinavian furniture is simple and streamlined, with highlights that are a combination of new and well-loved pieces that add satisfaction to daily life.

The use of line, shape, materials, color, and lighting distinguishes this style from minimalism, mid-century modern, and other pared-down aesthetics. These characteristics combine in Nordic design to create dwellings that are bright and cheery in their simplicity. A few fundamental Scandinavian design ideas can bring a comfortable vibe into any area.

Line and Shape

When creating a Scandinavian-style space, larger furniture is a smart place to start. When creating your selections, strive to combine angular lines and smooth edges. A boxy, futuristic sofa pairs beautifully with a rounded, triangular end table on slender legs. Fun wooden chairs with narrow profiles offer lightness and liveliness to your decor.

Use cabinets, consoles, and baskets as storage to reduce clutter and create a more open feel. Alternatively, open shelving allows your dishes or books to double as functional, cozy décor. Remember, less is more. If you have a lot of stuff, keep it hidden.


Credit: Pexels

Credit: Pexels

Color is essential for enhancing natural light and making homes appear bright and spacious. White is frequently the dominating color in Scandinavian decor, but other neutrals like pale beige and gray are popular for sofas and coffee tables. Accent with muted pastels like pink, blue, and green to add interest and make rooms inviting and full of personality.

Blend gray, blue, and ivory to create a peaceful sanctuary in the bath. Consider a thin, striped shower curtain combined with a thick, velvety bath mat and towels. Place candles in frosted jars about the space for added atmosphere for an even more sumptuous experience.

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