With so many different sizes, styles, and materials to pick from, it can be difficult to know where to begin when selecting your ideal table top. The size of the table you require, the aesthetic you want to achieve in your house, and the purpose of the table are all key considerations to consider.

That is why we have compiled our buyer’s guide to selecting the ideal table top.

Table Top Designs

Many people immediately see a square, rectangle, or circular as a table top. In actuality, you can choose from a variety of shapes, including ovals, semicircles, and more irregular shapes.

Credit: Unsplash

Credit: Unsplash

Rectangular Table Tops

When it comes to choosing a table, rectangular table tops are perhaps one of the most common options. A rectangular table’s simple, linear shape comfortably fits into most rooms, allowing for easy movement when strolling around the table.

They are useful, utilitarian, and, perhaps most significantly, a comfortable addition to any house. When compared to other shapes of tables, the long, narrow design lends itself to large-scale entertaining; you can frequently fit more people around the table.

In a small space, a rectangle table can be simply pushed up against the wall to save space and hauled out when guests arrive, especially if bench seating is used. Rectangular tables are also incredibly adaptable; eaves may be readily added to create an extending surface.

Square Table Tops

The square table top is another popular table top option. Square tables are ideal for those who have a limited living area and are a fantastic method to preserve balance and proportion in symmetrical environments.

Square tables are often smaller than rectangular tables, seating four to eight diners (depending on size). Nonetheless, because everyone is situated equally apart, the conversation is always friendly and easygoing. Furthermore, if you ever need more table space, you can always join two square tables together.

Credit: Unsplash

Credit: Unsplash

Round Table Tops

Circular eating tables are ideal for tight quarters. They allow you to travel around the environment freely without colliding with any sharp corners.

A significant advantage of round tables is that their seating capacity is not as fixed as that of rectangular or square tops; you can always fit a few more people around the table. It is also one of the most friendly table shapes since the circular shape produces a more intimate and “equal” setting.

Oval Table Tops

A dining table with an oval top combines the linear simplicity of a rectangular top with the intimacy of a round one; it’s the best of both worlds!

Oval tops are commonly similar in size to rectangular tops, so you can fit more people around it. However, the curved form of the top visually looks to take less space, making the area appear larger to the human eye.

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