Natural wood’s beauty can make any area feel warmer and more welcome. Wood coffee tables are especially simple to coordinate because, as long as you stick to complimentary wood tones throughout your furniture theme, each piece will simply adapt to your décor or color palette choices as they grow over time.

We scoured the internet for our favorite wooden coffee tables to share with you, ranging from low-cost options to serious collection-worthy designer items. With this curated buying guide, you can choose the ideal coffee table to anchor your living room. Which one is your personal favorite?

Credit: Unsplash

Credit: Unsplash

Round Wooden Pedestal Coffee Table

This simple pedestal table features a bold base for excellent stability, and the tabletop is slightly lipped to keep small items from rolling away. This solid wood coffee table is finished in walnut for easy coordination with contemporary, bohemian, and mid-century interior themes.

Glass Coffee Table with Sculptural Wood Base: A gravity-defying base for the dramatic Expose table is created by cutting, gently bending, and arranging thick layered strips of birch plywood – a clear glass tabletop offers an uninterrupted view of the sculptural interplay below. Choose between walnut and oak finishes.

Storage Round Wooden Coffee Table

This huge round storage table, available in whitewashed oak or deep oiled walnut, offers spacious surfaces for your must-haves and favorite decorations. This large table is made of solid wood and decorated with elegant veneers.

Credit: Unsplash

Credit: Unsplash

Wood Coffee Table with Geometric Glass Top

With a refined form, slim legs, and clean lines, this beautiful wood coffee table keeps things simple. The tabletop makes a stronger first impression; it is constructed of glass and silk-screened with a retro geometric pattern in grey and yellow.

Square Metal and Wood Coffee Tables

This square coffee table has a modest footprint that is excellent for smaller living areas, but multiples may be paired together to create a larger surface area. This style is available with either a whitewashed oak or a walnut top. The base is offered in white or black, both with appealing leather details.

Furniteak Teak Tree Root Coffee Table

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