It may surprise you how simple some furniture DIYs are. One in particular can be done with little effort and expense, and the elbow grease element of the job just takes a few hours. When everything has dried, all that remains is to practice your patience—this is perhaps the hardest part!


To begin any refinishing project, make sure the surface is clean and clear of dust. If it has spent some time in an attic, wipe it down with a moist towel.

Teak Root Table For Dining Room (Credit: blubambu)

Teak Root Table For Dining Room (Credit: blubambu)

Lacquer Removal

Before you can repaint the wood on your table, you must take off the lacquer finish. Use a paint scraper to remove the lacquer after applying a lacquer thinner and letting it sit for the amount of time recommended on the container. Keep doing this until all of the lacquer has been taken off.

Take Lacquer Thinner Off

Once all of the lacquer has been removed, add Mineral Spirits to the area to remove any remaining lacquer thinner.


Until the color is even, use 150 grit sandpaper to smooth off any uneven surfaces. To polish the surface, use 200 grit sandpaper once more. After that, use a tack cloth to wipe the surface clean.


Time to get to the stain now. To determine how long to keep the stain on for the desired color, test the length on a scrap of wood or paint stirrer before you stain. When you’ve made a decision, use a paintbrush to evenly apply the wood finish of your choice. The wood grain should be followed when painting. With a clean tack cloth, remove the discoloration.


Returning to the sanding, use 200 grit to smooth out the surface.

Teak Root Table For Dining Room (Credit: blubambu)

Teak Root Table For Dining Room (Credit: blubambu)


Using a fresh paintbrush, apply the varnish finish in the direction of the wood grain. Dry out overnight.

Buff and Sand

Buff the surface after one last 200 grit sanding.

And presto! You have a table that is practically brand new, but so much better.

Furniteak Champagne Gold Teak Root Coffee Table

Our champagne teak root coffee table was expertly hewn from solid teak root stumps that had been salvaged from Indonesia. 

Local craftsmen carefully unearth, clean, and shape-cut each captivating and entirely distinct root; it is then sanded, fitted with glass, and painted with high-quality paint. These are some of our easiest and most interesting furnishings since they are barely altered products of nature.

With the ideal balance of form and function, this table will improve your house. A Champagne Gold finish that has been expertly applied is one of the highlights.

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