In family homes, a bare surface may act as a magnet for clutter, creating an unwelcome sight. By leaving its surface empty, the chance to create a lovely vignette is lost.

Here, we’ve compiled console table styling suggestions to add to your library of living room design concepts for a room that is tasteful, enticing, and unique.

How to Style a Console Table

Whether a console table is placed in a modern or more conventional setting, it is vital to take into account the color, line, texture, and scale of the objects such as table lamps, objets, artwork, and books.

Credit: hydrangeatreehouse

Credit: hydrangeatreehouse

Create Cohesive Looks

For a unified design, think about using a theme for the items on a console table. A large antiqued glass mirror dominates this space, and a variety of objects are carelessly yet purposefully arranged around it in a variety of natural tones.

Pieces that don’t follow the same pattern save the display from looking overdone and serve as a frame for it.

Opt For a Pair of Table Lamps

How may a console table be dressed up to look more traditional? A classic method of symmetry in interior design that works well in many settings is choosing a pair of table lights.

Whether symmetry is achieved with lamps, vases, or ornamental items, it is possible to strive for it. When decorating a console table, use this strategy and you might not need to add much else for a lovely display.

You can keep things simple and orderly by displaying particular trinkets or flower collections while adding height with books.

Display Creative Arts

There are several options for displaying artwork on a console table. Sculptures and textiles can be displayed in a straightforward yet gorgeous arrangement.

Placing art on an easel is another way to make it the focal point.



When arranging a console table, try to include an artwork on an easel. Art is a wonderful way to include color and pattern into your tables, whether it be an antique or an abstract work.

Keep it Natural

When creating a calm scheme, are you thinking about how to decorate a console table? A fantastic strategy is to choose a color scheme with soft natural tones, especially for an entrance. Organic color and texture are prominent on the console table and plant pot in this room, and they are complimented by the palest of colors on the lamp base.

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