Decorating a table with a collection of images necessitates space management and selectivity in order to produce an appealing furnishing that acts as a focal point in your living area. 

Choose photographs and picture frames that don’t crowd the tabletop and are simple to see from across the room, depending on the size of your table. You must also decide if you want a monochromatic black-and-white theme, colored pictures, or a combination of the two.

Keep it Simple

To prevent cluttering an accent table, dresser, buffet table, or couch table with photographs, keep the quantity of images to a minimum. Choose an odd number of photographs, such as three, five, or seven. 

Credit: Unsplash

Credit: Unsplash

The fewer the photographs, the more emphasis you may place on each individual image. Rather than distant shots, use magnified, zoomed-in photos of people’s faces. To match your home design, frame the images in brushed metal, wood, or wrought-iron frames.

Glass Containers

Placing photos in clear containers is a low-cost, simple, and eye-catching way to showcase your favorite images. To display the photographs, use lidded jars, pedestals with domed glass coverings, or glass bottles. 

Bend the images around the interior of the container using the curvature of the glass, or arrange smaller square-shaped photos in bigger glass containers. Arrange the see-through containers in odd-numbered clusters on your tabletop.

Straight Rows

If your table is against a wall, arrange images in a straight line across its surface. The wall serves as a backdrop, so lean the framed images against it for support. If your frames have hinged stands, arrange the images in a straight line in the center of the table. 

Because the row of hinges will be seen while viewing the table from the side, make sure the table’s side isn’t in a very visible region of the room. Straight rows allow you to see each photo completely without it being partially obscured by another photograph on display.

Credit: Unsplash

Credit: Unsplash


Create clusters of images on a huge table. On one end of the table, place a lamp or other large accessory, such as a vase, stack of books, or candelabra, and gather three or five framed images on the other side. To add depth, place taller framed photos behind smaller images. 

A sophisticated style is created by putting black-and-white images together; a warm, inviting design is created by grouping colorful snapshots together. A well-organized collection of images attracts your attention to the table, transforming it into a focal point.

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