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Eye-Catching Teak Root Entry Table Ideas to Make a Fantastic First Impression

For thousands of years, entry tables have greeted visitors and residents alike, offering a variety of functions and forms. From the early Romans to the austere Victorians, entry table decorations have historically provided a “first impression” peek inside one’s home, from the early Romans to Various ideas, such as the popular shabby chic style, as well as more conventionally recognizable styles, have been used over the years.

Credit: Amazon
Credit: Amazon

While many people regard a home’s entry table as a merely decorative accent piece, others prefer to implement their ideas with both utility and aesthetic appeal in mind. For that reason, many entry table ideas include many drawers and plenty of tabletop space for catchalls, key dishes, and mail organizers. 

Some people, on the other hand, prefer to keep their tables simple, with only a vase of flowers or a well arranged candle. Whatever your unique taste, here are some editorial-worthy entry table ideas for any home style.

A Rustic Farmhouse Style Console Table

A console table is ideal for storing a large amount of décor without dominating your foyer. Using a gray-like stain on the wood makes it appear more rustic, which is appropriate for a farmhouse-themed home. Using slatted boards for the bottom of the console table is another way to make it stand out and appear more natural in design.

Minimalistic and Cute Entry Table

The simpler the project, the better it will come across. When it comes to saving space, a minimalistic table says a lot. A table like this can make your doorway appear larger than it is while still allowing you to add some simple décor around it. Choosing a solid white paint for the bottom half and legs might provide a warm glow to the setting.

Credit: Ingenio Virtual
Credit: Ingenio Virtual

Wooden Marble Top Console Table

With this console table, you may have the best of both worlds. The main wooden parts have a very natural appearance. Meanwhile, the use of a faux marble top elevates the table’s appearance. The faux marble also appears convincing, so anyone entering your home may mistake it for the real thing.

Gorgeous Vintage Dark Stained Table

Using dark hues against brighter backdrops is an excellent way to make your décor stand out. If your walls are lighter in color, a dark stained table can work well because it draws attention to your décor. Because it is more unusual than normal rectangular-shaped console tables, it has a charming old vibe to it as well.

Furniteak Teak Root Entry Table

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