End tables can be used to add style to a living room or family room. It’s crucial to consider an end table’s function, but it’s also necessary to consider its beauty and how it reflects your own style.

End tables come in a variety of sizes, styles, materials, and patterns. Using the same end table on either side of a sofa creates order and symmetry in a room.

Credit: stylebyemilyhenderson

Credit: stylebyemilyhenderson

However, side tables do not have to match. In fact, adding a few different tables may provide a room with much needed contrast and intrigue.

I’ll be sharing some incredibly lovely side tables while we talk about some crucial things to know about side tables! Any of these would be wonderful additions to our home!

The Cost

A side table might cost hundreds of dollars or less than a hundred dollars! The thing is, “purchase what you like and what looks well in your home.”

It is not required to be the best. It needs to be the best option for you! Spend only as much money as you are willing to keep it in your home!

If you only remember one thing from this article… “Spend only as much money as you are willing to keep a piece of furniture in your home for.”

Any table can be considered a side table if it fulfills a few simple requirements.

Height Matters

Yes, height is important. A side table’s average height is roughly 24 inches. There are, however, numerous outliers!

Credit: thespruce

Credit: thespruce

End tables work best when they are placed about an inch or two or three below the arm of a sofa or chair.

Getting the appropriate height is a piece of cake. Simply measure from the floor to the top of a sofa or chair’s arm and deduct one to three inches for the ideal side table height.

Width Matters

When choosing an end table, consider its breadth. Consider the space available for a side table when determining the width of an end table.

If space is limited, it is critical to measure and provide enough breathing area on each side of the side table. A couple of inches on each side is plenty.

Choose a side table that complements the rest of the room. Consider what your table’s surface will be used for.

Will it support a lamp? A side table at least 22 inches wide is recommended for a standard-size light.

Having a broad notion of how you will utilize a side table before purchasing one simplifies the selection process!

Furniteak Teak Root End Table

End and side tables may be an afterthought to your main furniture, but they are really utilitarian. An end table is quite useful for storing your remote, snacks, or a book.

Keep it near your chair in your room or at the end of the sofa in your living room for easy access and relaxation. 

Furniteak has a large selection of end and side tables that you can personalize. If you’re looking for a table, start with its height; it should be somewhat shorter than the sofa or chair.

Then there are many shapes, such as round, square, and rectangular. After determining the shape and height, you can continue on to numerous styles and designs.

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