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Glass Dining Table With Teak Root Base: Tips to Mixing Furniture

It can appear like a difficult art to combine modern and ancient furniture. We can’t bear to part with the furniture and other beloved possessions that so many of us own.

However, sometimes it’s difficult to get it to fit properly with more modern pieces of furniture. Many of us are choosing to go the more environmentally friendly route by looking for excellent deals online and in charity shops.

One benefit of mixing new and vintage furniture is that your home will look and feel interesting. Contrasting new and vintage furniture together provides the room character, individuality, and a selected style.

Credit: apartmenttherapy
Credit: apartmenttherapy

Best of all, you can be sure that nobody else will have the same setup you do. It will undoubtedly be unique, whether it’s your living room or bedroom. cozy, intimate, and interesting!

Make One-of-a-kind Pieces a Focal Point

It is usually the old or antique piece that is the most difficult to include. Because of the material, features, and so on. This is why you should not place it in the corner.

If you put it in the corner, it will appear as if it is not supposed to be there. And it’s a mistake. It was designed to stand out, and it should! So use it as a focal point. A location where it cannot be hidden and will be noticed!

Credit: matterbrothersfurniture
Credit: matterbrothersfurniture

A Clear Distinction

Make the difference between old and modern furnishings obvious to make the mix look purposeful. A large wooden historical dining table surrounded by modern chairs, such as a ghost chair, would make a striking contrast.

Finding chairs to complement a vintage or antique table is far more difficult than choosing the polar opposite. And it may appear contradictory, yet merging two opposed styles works!

Layering And Pairing

Pair smaller historic pieces, such as a sideboard or dresser, with a modern-style mirror or artwork. Make certain that whatever wall decor you choose is mounted at the appropriate height. Too far up the wall, and the components are no longer attached. Make a gallery wall by combining current art prints with old frames and posters.

Updated Elements

If you’re having difficulties fitting in an old piece of furniture, you can modernize it a little. You can use a faint wash or paint the piece. Changing the hardware can also make a major difference. When it comes to chairs, you can replace the upholstery or paint the edge trim. You can do this professionally or take a course that walks you through it step by step.

Furniteak Glass Dining Table With Teak Root Base

If you want to refresh your dining room by mixing and matching your old and new furniture, first you can buy your new furniture from us. Whether it’s a table or chair, you can custom your products to fit your old furniture here. 

Our teak root furniture is selected from the best wood, dried and taken and carved by the best teak wood artists in detail and attaching importance to the beauty aspect then wrapped by finishing with the best and class materials, to create a unique teak quality, one-of-a-kind, but still with the most affordable price.

So, place your order now or call us directly through WhatsApp or Email to have complete information. You can learn our buying and shipping policy before you make a purchase. 

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