Glass tops and glass table covers are other titles for the same thing. This information also applies to other applications of glass tops, such as desks and bureaus. If you are looking for glass shelves, they follow the same principles.

Tabletop glass adds flair and beauty to your decor while also protecting the table itself. Other tabletop glass is really the table’s top. This is especially true for tables outside. We will consider and debate numerous ideas.

Solid Top vs. Open Top Tables

The majority of dining room and kitchen tables have solid tops. The tops of coffee tables, workstations, and bureaus are often solid. This is relatively simple since they have a solid piece of material, usually wood, behind the glass to support it. Because it is not structurally supporting the entire weight of the load, the glass can be thinner.

Credit: bestdesignprojects

Credit: bestdesignprojects

The glass of an open top table is supported by slats, tracks, or shelf-type supports rather than a solid structure beneath it. This is an important distinction to make when selecting table top glass. This glass must be doing a lot of the heavy lifting. Tempered glass is required for most open top tables to give structural strength to handle the weight loads that may be imposed on them.

Thick vs. Not So Thick

There are two reasons to discuss thickness. The first, as previously mentioned, is the weight capacity. That is a basic mathematical formula. The second aspect is how it appears. That is usually a difficult subject, and it may be a matter of opinion. Highly acclaimed designers believe that thicker glass is richer and better. Is this correct? I’ll leave it up to you to decide.

Credit: orangetree

Credit: orangetree

Annealed vs. Tempered Glass

Everyone is familiar with but has never heard of annealed glass. It is commonplace glass, and you may think of it as conventional glass. Tempered glass is a type of safety glass that has been toughened. It is far stronger, has greater temperature tolerance, and scratches less easily. I wouldn’t use it with a 350-degree roasting pan, but it is more forgiving.

Clear Glass vs. Low Iron Glass

This question has confused many consumers. When viewed from the side, clear glass is mainly clear, but it has a slight green tint. Low iron glass is extremely transparent. This distinction is substantial.

Furniteak Teak Root Glass Top Dining Table

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