Table lamps can be more than simple lighting items; they can also be a unique addition to any décor. These lamps will show it to you! Whether you want to enhance the chosen decor style, contrast it by creating an eclectic setting, or even make a statement with your lighting, these things are ideal.

When selecting a table lamp for any space, including the living room, bedroom, family room, home office, and so on, you have many options ranging from small, circular lamps to tall, narrow lights. Choosing a table lamp entails more than just picking one that suits your taste and style. You should also consider where and how you will utilize the lamp.

Credit: architonic

Credit: architonic

Ideal Height

When you sit, make sure the shade of your floor light covers the bulb. The ideal floor lamp height is around 68 inches (depending on the height of the seat or table it’s next to). A good rule of thumb is to make sure the lamp shade is long enough so that  bare light does not make you feel probed when reclining.

Eye Level

A table lamp should always be at eye level, whether it’s paired with a chair or on a console when you’re standing. Okay, that was a mouthful, but basically, if your table lamp is going on a side table next to an armchair or sofa, the shade should be at eye level. If the table lamp is on a desk, it should be at eye level when seated. When standing, a table lamp on a console table is at eye level.

Credit: ecplaza

Credit: ecplaza

Lighting Types

If your table lamp is a task light, such as an Anglepoise desk lamp, you should combine it with a floor lamp with a soft fabric shade to serve as ambient lighting. 

Alternatively, if you have a metal-shaded floor lamp near an armchair for reading, your space will need a wash of light, so search for a table lamp with diffused light, either with a fabric shade or a frosted glass dome. 

We could go on, but you’d never learn how to perfectly mix a floor and table lamp, so let’s have a look at some examples of homes that get it right before we get to the shoppable items.

It receives an A+ for adhering to the guideline of strong shade blended with soft shade. The table lamp is high enough to disperse light over the room, and the floor lamp is directed for reading.

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