If you possess a reclaimed wood table, you understand the need to invest in good upkeep and cleaning.

You chose a reclaimed wood table for your dining room table because it is robust, sturdy, and almost indestructible. To ensure that this piece of furniture lasts a lifetime, it must be properly cared for. 

The correct equipment and cleansers can help you get the most out of your reclaimed wood furniture and furniture leg types. It has the potential to become a family heirloom with proper care.

We’ve included some pointers below to help you keep your reclaimed wood table for future generations.

Credit: grainandframe

Credit: grainandframe

“The Finest Wood Cleaner”

Use olive oil and white vinegar with water to clean your reclaimed wood furniture. The reason behind this is that this cleaning solution is completely natural and non-toxic. The mix of white vinegar and oil works best on salvaged wood tables that are not varnished. If your trestle table, for example, has a seal or treatment, use a light soap and a soft rag instead.

How to Clean? 

Reclaimed wood tables and live edge tables bring the beauty of nature into your living space. Their distinct composition of cracks, knots, and faults is the result of being an aged piece of wood. Use a soft paint brush to clean the nooks and crannies of your bespoke living room table.

For console cleaning, utilize an aerosol spray can if your table has tenacious food buildup. The airbursts aid in the removal of even the most obstinate crumbs.

Credit: homebarnshop

Credit: homebarnshop


Ideally, you should remove the crumbles and any liquid spills from your reclaimed wood furniture as soon as possible. Food crumbs might include oils that discolor the table. Meanwhile, liquid spills might leave a residual mark on your table. Purchase a small, soft-bristled paintbrush to keep crumbs out of your table’s knots and cracks.

Use Coasters

You leave coasters around so people will utilize them. There is usually one individual who fails to utilize a coaster. So you’ve had it happen, the dreaded watermark on your handmade living room table. 

How can you get rid of the watermarks? Watermarks can be easily removed with natural materials such as salt, water, or baking soda. To eliminate watermarks, use non-gel toothpaste. After that, use a little furniture polish to rub away the rough spots.

Avoid Excessive Heat and Sunlight 

Hot plates should not be placed on reclaimed wood furniture. Placing hot plates and pots on your table will leave horrible markings that are difficult to remove. To protect your table from potential burn marks, use trivets or hot pads.

Keep your reclaimed wood furniture out of direct sunlight. You want to keep your table from cracking and drying out. Keeping your custom living room table away from direct sunlight aids in the prevention of warping and discolouration. If your table is outside, try to keep it in the shade.

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