Teak outdoor furniture is a wonderful and long-lasting investment. Because of its endurance and timelessness, teak is a classic, high-quality wood that may be passed down as an heirloom to the next generation. Teak furniture maintenance is simple and manageable, especially if you follow the guidelines offered here.

Teak is an excellent material for outdoor furniture. It may be left outside all year in any environment and withstands the weather admirably without the need for protection. Teak’s natural oils protect the wood from water, making it naturally weather-proof and decay-resistant. 

Untreated teak will turn a gorgeous silvery gray hue with sun exposure over time, but this is only ornamental and does not harm the wood. Teak can be sealed with a permeable UV protectant that has been specially created for teak surfaces if the natural honey color is required.

Credit: homefurniturediy

Credit: homefurniturediy

Annual Spring Cleaning

How should you care for your teak outdoor furniture now that you’ve made this great investment? An annual spring cleaning of your outdoor furniture will help keep it in good shape. A specifically formulated teak cleaner is recommended for cleaning weathered teak.

Work the cleanser in with a dishwashing abrasive sponge, such as a Scotch Brite Pad, or a soft bristle brush, covering tiny sections at a time and working from top to bottom. It is critical to rinse thoroughly with a hose because the cleaner should not be allowed to dry on the wood. A brief pat dry follows, followed by a full air-dry in the sunlight.

Teak’s Sealer

A teak sealer is advised if you want to keep the natural amber tint of the teak. Use a spray bottle, brush, or rag to apply the sealant. After applying the first layer, allow the teak to cure for one hour before applying the second layer.

The sealer treatments will cure rapidly, and the furniture can be used the next day. Sealer works best on a clean surface, so clean the teak before beginning the sealing process. Sealer must be applied on a regular basis for continued protection — once a year is sufficient.

Credit: suncatcherstudio

Credit: suncatcherstudio

Spills will not leave stains on your teak furniture if they are quickly wiped up and followed by a quick spot wash with soapy water and a soft bristles scrub brush. A coffee or red wine spill may necessitate a more thorough spot cleaning with the teak cleaner. If a stain is tenacious and has already set into the teak, it can be lightly sanded off, and there will soon be no trace of it ever being there.

Tip: To keep your teak in the finest possible condition, never clean it with a brass brush, steel wool, or a pressure washer. Using steel wool will cause rust marks on your furniture. Using a pressure washer or a brass brush can result in a splintery, rough surface. If necessary, splintery wood can be repaired with a good sanding.

Teak may last a lifetime with proper care. This incredibly low-maintenance wood is frequently regarded as the gold standard for outdoor furniture. Teak furniture’s classic style and outstanding longevity will add elegance and comfort to your outdoor living spaces for years to come.

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