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What Carving Furniture We Made?

Indonesia has many manufacturers that focus on this artistic furniture design. Most wood carving furniture makers spread in Java Island especially in Jepara, Central Java, Indonesia. Besides prioritizing the high-definition art sense, they use teak wood which has a high quality.

Wood Carving Furniture Manufacturers that Export it thoroughly the World

For your information, this page is not only a place to buy wood carving furniture. Even though, you are fading the manufacturer of the furniture with a carving pattern from any wood materials. Okay, this page does not want to chit chat anymore. It is the time to watch the best collection of the Jepara wood carving furniture manufacturer:

  1. Italian style wood carving bed

The Italian carving wood bed frame here are special because you will get from the manufacturer. It implies you get the first price and you can ensure the quality of the material and the appearance. Your bedroom also needs nightstands, cabinets, wardrobe, and other wooden furniture items. Get it all because those wood carving bedroom sets are available here. See it in detail and imagine it in your bedroom.

  1. Carving Wall Furniture Set

Check all interior design in your home who knows you skip wall furniture set? The carving pattern in this wooden furniture adorns the glass part. If you agree, this wall set furniture can set it in your living room. Then, arrange your accessories or electronic devices here. Do you have any idea to bring inside to your room?

  1. Black Painted Carved Wood Dining Table

Next, there is a black painted wood dining table in a rectangular shape. This wood carving furniture manufacturer gives the elegant simple sense from the color. The minimalist style carving pattern makes it look more eye-catching. What kinds of house can use this wooden fining table? Rustic, minimalist, modern, traditional, and classic are suitable for this good.

  1. Solid Teak Wood Carved Makeup Table Sets

Hi, ladies! Watch this solid teak wood makeup table sets that have a unique simple carving pattern. A carved wood frame mirror hangs on the wall combines with a small brown wooden desk with chests underneath. This furniture set also adds a mini square-shaped stool with the pad. Do you like it?

  1. Unfinished Light Brown Wooden bench with backrest and arms

Light Brown wooden carved bench today comes with backrest and arms. But, it does not have a pad although you can add it alone. The carving pattern exists in the backrest, arms, and in the below section. If you take it, you can put it on a patio, terrace, or in the backyard garden. The wood material is suitable for relaxed while drinking coffee or tea with your spouse.

  1. Unique Mini Square-Shaped Coffee Table

Next, Indonesia wood carving furniture manufacturer presents a unique carved coffee table. This small square-shaped furniture exposes the carved pattern in the table base. Do you want to put it in the living room? It does not matter because this pace provides some areas such as in the middle and beside the sofa.

  1. White Carved Wood Office Desk Sets

Usually, a home has a space to work both alone and as a freelancer. Or, you like bringing your jobs from the office to finish at home. Of course, it sounds so tired and you need something to make it more spirit again. The bone-white color wooden office desk with carving pattern matches for you. Such as you see, the pattern is in the drawers while the chair with pad applies it in the frame.

  1. Carved Wood Door

Install this carved wood door in your front door so that all people who come or pass can see it. This wood carving furniture manufacturer in Jepara Indonesia applies several motifs on the door. You can see the carving pattern in the form of flowers and birds.

  1. Classic Carved Wood Console Table

A console table is useful to save books, liquors, and other accessories. This small wooden storage design is suitable to put anywhere. You can set in the bedroom, living room, bathroom, kitchen, and so on.

  1. Dark Grey Round Sofa Stand

Lastly, it presents a dark grey carved wood sofa stand in round shape. It looks extraordinary for your interior design because of the carving pattern. The X-shaped that connects the table pole looks unique and enchanting.

Well, that is 10 great products from this wood carving furniture manufacturer. We serves online purchases and ready to send it thoroughly to the world. You can order it from the custom style and new design. Get more information on customer service immediately. Once more, carving pattern emerges in a various sense such as elegant, classic, traditional, vintage, and more.

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FURNITEAK wood carving furniture manufacturer. FURNITEAK serves online purchases and ready to send it thoroughly to the world. You can order it from the custom style and new design. Get more information on customer service immediately. Once more, carving pattern emerges in a various sense such as elegant, classic, traditional, vintage, and more.

Why You Should Choose us?

Why Choose Wood Carving Furniture Manufacturers from Jepara?
Many reasons look for the wood carving furniture manufacturers in Jepara. It is such as:

  • The world does not need to doubt the quality and beauty of the furniture (carving wood) from Indonesia especially Jepara.
  • The designs that exist on the wood look very creative and beautiful. Besides that, it only applies the best wood materials such as teak, mahogany, and other in a high-quality. The beauty of the carving has a high use-value and a high artistic value.
  • The furniture products from Jepara are well-known sturdy and durable because it uses a very strong construction. The durability of the wood furniture items can survive from 10 years until hundreds of years. It can resistant to all weather and termite resistant.
  • The wood carving furniture manufacturers in Jepara above does not only produce one type. It also produces in various woods that have the finest quality such as teak, mahogany, pine, and so on. Truthfully, manufacturers that produce wood carving furniture are not only in this city.

FURNITeak export the furniture goods thoroughly the world. Are you sure to choose one of the ten options above?  FURNITeak is the best choice of wood carving art and furniture.

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