Coffee tables are useful pieces of furniture for every living space since they provide a spot to sit a glass or a book as well as storage. Following that, they give interest and a focal point to the room. They also fill the space between furniture components such as the sofa and accent chairs.

Consider what sort of functionality you require in your living room before starting your search (i.e. toy storage, space for family game night). Next, evaluate the type of coffee table you desire.

Examine coffee tables in your budget range that have the style you want. Consider the size of the coffee table you require as well. It is critical to check reviews to determine if others have had success with a particular coffee table.

Styling Coffee Table (Credit: polihome)

Styling Coffee Table (Credit: polihome)

Styling Your Tables

There are a few suggestions that will give you some ideas about where to start when styling a coffee table, yet it can be extremely personal.


Keep your coffee table’s shape in mind. Consider setting up three items on a circular table if you have one. Put it into portions of two, three, or four if your table is square or rectangular. 

Knowing What to Put

Consider the necessities you need in the space, such as a set of coasters and the remote control, while deciding what to put on your table. Consider using a large bowl, as well as attractive boxes and trays, to keep these objects arranged.

Teak Root Coffee Table Style (Credit: thegreenhead)

Teak Root Coffee Table Style (Credit: thegreenhead)

Special Touch

For a distinctive look, incorporate ornamental or sentimental artifacts. This is your time to display the lacquer tray from China or the set of vases you purchased in Thailand.

Inserting Objects

Objects on your coffee table should be different heights. Consider adding three items to a vertical triangle: one tall object, such as a plant or flower vase; one middle item, such as a stack of books or tiny sculpture; and one short item, such as a wide bowl or candle.

Adding Storage

Think about adding storage to your coffee table. Some wooden coffee tables come with an additional shelf or drawer for storage. To store additional throw blankets, toys, and other items you need when lounging on the sofa for others, place low baskets beneath the table.

Furniteak Indonesian Teak Root Coffee Table

The coffee table is the focal point of all activities in the living room, which is one of the most significant rooms in the house. Wood is a durable and beautiful material, and wood coffee tables are a great way to use it as a focal point that binds the area together. There are so many fantastic possibilities that the major challenge is picking which one to utilize in your living room.

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