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Indonesian Teak Root Furniture is Worth Buying! 

The ongoing growth of the design world has resulted in numerous unique discoveries, particularly in the field of solid wood furniture. Today, you may easily find hundreds of categories in the furniture field. So, what makes Indonesian and Java-sourced furniture so appealing?

There are numerous possibilities. The quality of their timber is first and foremost; teak and mahogany are popular selections. Both are strong, long-lasting, and ready to be your life companions. Second, there’s the art of wood carving, which means that Indonesian furniture is likely to showcase stunning traditional designs that have been hand-carved for posterity.

However, as the phrase goes, “the sky’s the limit,” and this also relates to the aesthetics of Indonesian furniture. There are various contemporary designs available in today’s market. They feature tropical overtones that speak to the Indonesian vernacular while being stylish, upscale, and minimalist. Let’s go over all you need to know about this type of solid wood furniture.

Credit: Unsplash
Credit: Unsplash

Covered Most Furniture Industry

Nobody can deny that furniture has existed for thousands of years, and you know what? So have Indonesia’s tropical jungles. Natural forests cover almost 60% of the country, indicating that forestry is a thriving sector in Indonesia. 

As a result, there is a wide range of wooden items available, including panels, rattan, pulp and paper, and so on. This is why solid wood furniture has grown to be such an important element of Indonesia’s export and indigenous products. Indonesia has one of the world’s major furniture industries, employing over 2 million people directly (and another 8 million indirectly).

Where should you put Indonesian furniture in your home?

Despite its unusual appearance, Indonesian furniture is suitable for all household interior designs. Its traditional design can complement modern/contemporary homes while also fitting well with a rustic or classical setting. Here are a few suggestions:

Dining Room

Indonesian furniture can have a huge visual impact in your dining room. This genre’s dining tables, chairs, hutches, and sideboards are not only well-crafted but also very captivating.

Credit: Unsplash
Credit: Unsplash

Living Room

Living spaces must be pleasant, elegant, and comfy all at the same time, and outfitting them with Indonesian pieces may provide you with the best of both worlds. There’s a lot of variety in this genre, from rough coffee tables to sculpted end tables.


If you want to make a distinctive statement in your bedroom, Indonesian furniture is a good option. There’s nothing you can’t find in this genre, from handcrafted headboards/footboards to nightstands, dressers, and even mirrors.

Where to Buy Indonesian Teak Furniture? 

If you’re interested in having one or more pieces of Indonesian teak furniture. You are in the right place. 

Here at Furniteak, our product is legal, from Indonesia, and created from the finest quality teak trees that grow in the jungle. We use only the best and most sustainable wood, so you can rest assured your purchase will be environmentally friendly. 





Our artisans are true craftsmen who spend a lot of time creating these fine works of art! You can be sure that when you purchase our furniture, you will receive a handmade piece of art with many years of lasting quality.

We provide :

  • Teak Root Coffee Table
  • Teak Root Console Table
  • Teak Root Dining Table
  • Custom Teak Root Coffee Table
  • Custom Teak Root Console Table

You can request any teak root furniture, any size, any color and any finishing! Call us and get your dream furniture asap! 

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