Java teak wood is the most common material for outdoor furniture. Teak deforestation, which was once rampant to meet furniture demand, is now rigorously regulated to assure a constant and revitalized supply of wood. Then, what makes teak wood so desirable?


Teak is hardwood. Nobody disputes its long-term viability. Furthermore, this material is resistant to adverse weather. This is why teakwood is an ideal wood for outdoor furniture; it can also be used indoors for a lifetime or longer. 

Using the correct teak – top quality wood with high levels of oil and rubber – can result in magnificent pieces of furniture that can resist all four seasons.

Credit: lifebeyondnumbers

Credit: lifebeyondnumbers


The color and grain of teak wood make it one of the most beautiful woods, beloved by both furniture manufacturers and homeowners. If you leave the furniture outside, you won’t have to worry about the color fading. 

Outdoor teak furniture can be left outside in any weather and will convert to an exquisite silver-grey tint. However,  teak furniture used indoors must be oiled on a regular basis to maintain its warm golden tone.


Teak is an exceptionally adaptable wood due to its robust, durable, gorgeous natural color, and resistance to termites and other hazardous elements. These properties have made teak wood the perfect material for a boat for hundreds of years. Teak has all of the adaptability that today’s furniture producers seek, from enormous dining room tables to exquisite cupboards and patio furniture.

How to Know that It’s Real Teakwood? 

Real teak furniture is resistant to all natural elements, so you don’t have to worry about it being harmed by rain, snow, or sun. However, if you buy “teak oiled” or “teak look-alike” outdoor furniture, there is no guarantee that it will resist all of the weather.

Credit: vermontwoodsstudios

Credit: vermontwoodsstudios

Several furniture retailers sell outdoor wood furniture that is labeled “Teak oiled wood furniture,” indicating that it has been treated with teak oil. All customers must understand that this furniture is not made of teakwood, despite the fact that many who have purchased it believe it is. This assumption could be the product of their ignorance or erroneous information on the seller’s part.

Another furniture retailer frequently employs the description “teak-like” furniture. As a customer, you should be aware that the wood used to construct this furniture is not teak, and it is not as durable or as beautiful as teak wood. Teakwood has a high silica content, can survive the elements, and can live outside for 75 to 100 years.

Furniteak Java Teak Root Furniture

Furniteak Furniture is a range of naturally gorgeous and long-lasting Indonesian teak root furniture. This furniture was handcrafted from the best teak root discovered in Indonesia, then cut into lengths that may be enhanced with curves and sculpted into beautiful patterns and decorations. 


Every piece is individually polished with a high-quality wax oil to provide a lasting protective layer, which elevates this natural product to a higher level.

All items are meticulously handcrafted from the finest teak wood, selected from legal sources in Jepara and Blora, Indonesia.

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