Although some individuals enjoy the old-fashioned look and feel of a used, worn-out old coffee table, others want to preserve that freshly-painted and brand-new aspect. All coffee tables experience wear and tear over time, which degrades the finish and paint or stain.

If you want to spruce up your coffee table, simply refinish the surface and apply your chosen color to breathe new life into an old piece of furniture.

Teak Wood Furniture (Credit: ciptabaliarchitect)

Teak Wood Furniture (Credit: ciptabaliarchitect)

Remove Old Paint

If you are working with an existing layer of paint on a coffee table, you should first remove the previous paint to expose the wood underneath. This eliminates high/low points where the old paint has chipped away, creating “voids” with no paint.

Furthermore, new paint and primer stick better to raw wood than an older, dried out, cracked, and unclean layer of paint.

A putty knife is the preferred tool for removing layers of previous paint, but a wire brush is also useful. Use a paint stripper along with your putty knife for the greatest results. Soak the existing paint in the solution according to the manufacturer’s recommendations to soften it for removal.

Remove Old Finish and Stain

Stain differs from paint in that it penetrates the wood rather than simply coating the surface, so you can’t simply peel away the top layer to expose the wood. While you can paint over old stains, it is far more difficult than painting over raw wood, which is a natural hue.

For optimal results, remove the top coat of stain to expose the bare wood beneath, as well as the existing finish protecting the stain. This is accomplished through sanding. Hand sand, or use a palm sander or belt sander for large open parts of a table.

Prime the Surface

Although primer isn’t always necessary for wood coffee tables where you may paint right away, non-wood surfaces must be primed first so that the paint adheres properly. Primer is applied similarly to paint: with a sprayer, roller, or paint brush, depending on personal taste.

Use a primer prepared by the same manufacturer as the paint you intend to use on your table for the greatest results. Always use a paint suited for the material of your coffee table, such as wood, plastic, or metal.

Paint Old Coffee Table (Credit: Manomano)

Paint Old Coffee Table (Credit: Manomano)

Painting and finishing

Paint application entails more than simply putting on a coat of paint. In most situations, numerous coats will be required to get the desired hue, but it is also critical to utilize the proper application method for your selected finish. Perform a test on a scrap piece of wood or drywall for the best results.

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