Teak is a popular wood for outdoor furniture and fences due to its strength, durability, insect resistance, and weatherproof properties. It is rich in natural oils, which give it its distinctive tawny golden color and preserve it from decaying. The oils occupy the pores of this tropical hardwood, allowing little room for water to permeate and destroy the wood.

However, sun exposure causes teak to lose some of its protective oils over time. This procedure causes the wood to fade and develop a grey patina on the surface. So, can you stain teak wood furniture, decking, or a fence to keep it from fading?

Can you stain teak wood? Yes, it is possible to use non-pressure treated wood outside. However, this is not suggested because the unpredictable outside weather can quickly and irreparably harm the wood, thus it is always better to preserve the wood when using it outside.

Allowing the wood to dry for a few weeks allows part of the oil to evaporate, giving it more room to absorb the wood stain. While you’re at it, make sure to carefully prime the surface to promote better stain absorption and an even, attractive finish.

Credit: thearchitecturedesigns

Credit: thearchitecturedesigns

Why Should Teak Wood Be Stain?

You’ve probably heard of teak oil. Despite the name, the oil is not derived from the natural oils found in teak wood. As a result, it does not behave like the protective oils in teak, despite the fact that it can temporarily maintain the color of the wood.

Unfortunately, teak oil serves as a breeding ground for molds and mildew, providing a fungal coloring problem that untreated teak does not ordinarily have.

Changes and Enhances the Color

Staining, particularly with a light-colored wood stain, can help bring out the grains. More importantly, extended exposure to the environment causes teak wood to lose its golden honey beauty.

The tawny golden tint fades over time, and a grey patina replaces it. Wood stain can be used to color the wood and keep it from greying. 

Credit: Design cafe

Credit: Design cafe

Protect From the Elements

While teak normally does not require finishing to protect it from the elements, leaving it exposed can shorten its service life. The longer it is left out in the elements, the more it loses its natural oils and turns grey.

Staining can preserve the wood from losing its natural oils and provide an additional layer of protection from the sun’s harmful radiation as well as other factors such as rain and snow.

Add Aesthetic Appeal

Teak wood stains are adaptable and allow the wood to have a variety of hues. A lovely splash of color may make an outdoor living room with teak furniture, decking, and fencing more livable.

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