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Simple Tricks on How To Care For Teak Root Furniture

If you buy teak furniture, you must take proper care of it and use the proper products to maintain it looking its best. Here are four pointers to get you started.

Choose the Finish You Want

Teak has a gorgeous golden tone when it is freshly cut. It will condition to a silvery gray finish with time and exposure to the outdoors. The manner in which you care for teak furniture is determined by the finish you want.

Credit: HGTV Canada
Credit: HGTV Canada

If you enjoy the aged look, you can use your teak furniture as you choose. Within 5 to 12 months of use, the teak will fade and wear to a silvery appearance. Other than washing the furniture as needed, there isn’t much you can do to keep the weathered look.

If you enjoy the golden color of young teak, though, you will need to take care to protect it. Some of the care advice provided below will assist you in maintaining and, if necessary, restoring the golden color of your teak furniture.

Keep Your Teak Away From The Sun

If you wish to keep your teak furniture appearing as new as possible, keeping it out of the sun is the best approach to minimize weathering and maintain the golden hue. This includes utilizing it inside or behind an awning or deck roof.

The sun has the ability to bleach and dehydrate various materials, including wood such as teak. While avoiding direct sunlight will help to keep the golden tone of your teak furniture, you will still need to take other precautions.

Credit: yewshafiq.wixsite
Credit: yewshafiq.wixsite

Wash Your Teak With Soap and Water

To eliminate excess filth and keep your teak furniture looking its best, we recommend washing it once a year with mild dish soap and water.

You can eliminate grime by using a brush with soft bristles. We do not advocate using a power washer since the force could permanently damage the wood. Steel wool should not be used since it may leave behind metal residue that can develop rust stains over time.

Allow teak furniture to dry for about 15 minutes after washing it. Then rinse it with clean water and air dry it.

Seal Teak Furniture to Preserve Its Color

Applying a solution that forms a hydrophobic seal to your teak furniture can assist to keep the golden color and slow the weathering process. A sealant will also keep moisture and liquids from infiltrating the pores of the wood, preventing water streaks and spots on your teak furniture.

Furniteak Teak Root Furniture

Furniteak’s teak root is a one-of-a-kind and special product created from wild-harvested teak wood. We take great care in selecting only the finest wood for our items, making certain that the teak wood is dry and in good condition before hand carving.

Each piece’s inherent grain and texture are derived from its surroundings; each is thus absolutely unique, making it unlike any other.

Your teak roots will not be owned by others, because they are unique and beautiful with their own appearance and advantages.

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