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Solid Teak Root Coffee Table: How to Whitewash Your Furniture

Do you like the whitewash appearance and want to replicate it in your home? With a simple mixture of paint and water, you can achieve the whitewashed look on any piece of wood in your home.

Any sort of wood, including pine, oak, palette wood, and dyed wood, can be whitewashed quickly and easily to get the desired effect. For optimum results and to prevent paint peeling off, lightly sanding or deglossing the wood before whitewashing it if it has varnish or polyurethane on it.

Credit: Furniture Connections
Credit: Furniture Connections

Typically, whitewash is white. Any paint color, though, can be used using the same method. We’ve seen cream, gray, and blue applied to great effect over wood to create a similar aesthetic.

The simplest method for creating whitewash paint is to just add water to normal latex paint. I’ve used eggshell and satin paint sheens with good success, but I prefer to keep the mix at 1 part water to 2 parts flat white paint.

Whitewash Technique

Whether the wood is coloured or unfinished, the whitewashing technique can be used. It doesn’t matter if it’s oak, pine, or another type. Due to the variations in the wood species, the final product may appear slightly different, but you’ll still get the same impact.

Brush in the direction of the wood grain after placing a very little amount of the whitewash mixture on a paintbrush (no rollers are permitted!). Apply with broad strokes and only to a small area at once.

Credit: gurgaoninteriors
Credit: gurgaoninteriors

To use more of a “dry brushing” method, wipe the excess paint from the paintbrush after each application.

Again, wiping in the direction of the wood grain with a rag or paper towel will help remove the paint. A lot more coatings will be required if you entirely wipe it off. Simply trim the extra.

If you are whitewashing furniture, protect it by giving the job a final layer of matte polycrylic. Polycrylic will shield the finish from fading over time and won’t become yellow. As an alternative, a transparent furniture wax will also aid in protecting it.

Whitewashing seemed like a nice idea because I didn’t want to paint over the grain and texture with a solid white color.

Furniteak Solid Teak Root Coffee Table

If you’re shopping for a solid teak root coffee table online, Furniteak provides various selections that will satisfy even the most discerning customer.

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Select your preferred shape: round, square, or rectangle. Modern to traditional coffee tables are available. A teak coffee table can be used in an outdoor lounge environment to rest food, drinks, literature, or even a stunning centerpiece or plant. Teak coffee tables can also look great in sunrooms, fireplaces, and front porches.

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