When you think about living room furniture, coffee tables come to mind immediately after sofas. This piece of furniture is ideal for displaying knick-knacks or doodads, as well as resting your feet or eating a meal.

Coffee Table Types

Coffee tables are common and come in a wide range of designs, sizes, materials, heights, lengths, and features, giving you a dizzying array of options. Our detailed guide walks you through some questions you should ask yourself to help limit down your options for the best coffee table for you.


Genuine Teak Root Coffee Table (Credit: Amazon)

Genuine Teak Root Coffee Table (Credit: Amazon)


The classic coffee table has a timeless design with four legs, a rectangular shape, and is typically constructed of wood. There is usually no storage, and it serves as a simple practical piece of furniture in front of the seating area.


Coffee tables with storage possibilities are available in a variety of shapes and designs. It may have drawers for storage, a second shelf, or cubbies and baskets. This coffee table could be rectangular, square, circular, or oval in shape. It can be made of wood, metal, or acrylic with glass, wicker, or rattan, among other materials.

Top Lift

The lift top coffee table isn’t your typical coffee table. This table has storage and the top lifts up and glides toward you, allowing you to work on a laptop, write, or dine comfortably while still reclining on your sofa or loveseat. The most popular shapes are rectangular or square, and wood appears to be the most commonly utilized material for this style of table.

Teak Root Coffee Table Style (Credit: Terrain)

Teak Root Coffee Table Style (Credit: Terrain)


Smaller tables or ottomans “nest” underneath the nesting coffee table and can be lifted out and used. Smaller tables can be used independently to hold beverages, or other items, and some feature storage drawers.

The ottomans are ideal for smaller kids to pull out and sit at the coffee table, and they can open up for storage. These tables can be circular, rectangular, or square in shape, and made of wood, upholstered, metal and glass, and other materials.


The cushioned coffee table is typically square in shape. This coffee table can be made of wood with a tufted cushioned top, or it can be made of wood but entirely upholstered in material with a tufted cushioned top that lifts up for storage. The latter shape, often known as an ottoman, is ideal for storing blankets, toys, and other objects.

Furniteak Sustainable Furniture Teak Root Coffee Table

Our sculptural coffee table is constructed of gorgeous teak wood and makes an excellent decorative item. With a sleek clear glass top showing the reclaimed wood, this adaptable table may be dressed up or dressed down, as the focus of attention or as a simple accent.

Brighten up any living room with this remarkable and genuinely one-of-a-kind coffee table from our teak and driftwood furniture line. This magnificent teak root coffee table, made from teak and with a great designed coffee table foundation, will bring flair and elegance.

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