What better place to start than in our own homes? We cannot ignore the needs of our planet any longer; we must consider the environment. Sustainable furnishings are revolutionizing the design world and helping to make our homes and daily lives more environmentally friendly and sustainable.

They represent an effort to replace hazardous materials with furniture designs that won’t decay on the planet when we’re done using them. 

A selection of furniture made from materials including cork, bamboo, rattan, and even mycelium has been assembled by us. There are several possibilities, but they all lead to the same thing: a Mother Earth that is healthier, greener, and happier!

Credit: mydecorative

Credit: mydecorative

Why Not Even Sustainable Furniture?

High-end interior design companies are increasingly specializing in environmentally friendly furnishings. This is due to the growing demand from consumers for attractive, contemporary designs that adhere to environmental protection standards. 

Sustainable furniture is produced in accordance with the new ideals of the contemporary conception of luxury: quality rather than quantity, circular economy rather than disposable mentality, and moral working conditions rather than profit maximization. 

Along the entire value chain, companies make sure they act responsibly, socially, and with awareness for the environment, people, and nature in line with the radical brand transparency idea.

Utilizing Natural Materials

Sustainable furniture should be made from wood, stone, or cork. Textiles and natural materials are present. When the sustainable furniture is inside your own four walls, the production from organic materials is advantageous because it is more environmentally friendly. 

Credit: designcafe

Credit: designcafe

These have more sustainable added value in addition to being healthier. Protecting endangered resources is always vital, but recycled materials that aren’t 4% natural can also provide a useful foundation for sustainable furniture.

Environmentally Friendly and Ethical Value Creation and Production

To truly speak of holistically sustainable furniture, the materials used in ecologically friendly items must be not only preferably organic, but also organically cultivated and processed. This entails avoiding endangered resources and utilising raw materials wisely – from added value through production.

Actions to reduce water, energy, and CO2 emissions are examples of such measures. Local value creation and supply chains greatly lower the greenhouse gas emissions of a brand for sustainable furniture and promote climate neutrality.

Sustainable furniture is not only healthier and more environmentally friendly than traditional alternatives. Furthermore, they are frequently constructed with more attention, which is why they are not only timeless and intricate, but also long-lasting. As a result, a somewhat higher initial expenditure will pay off in the long run.

Furniteak Sustainable Furniture Teak Root Table

Our teak root furniture is legal, from Indonesia, and created from the finest quality teak trees that grow in the jungle. 

We use only the best and most sustainable wood, so you can rest assured your purchase will be environmentally friendly. Our artisans are true craftsmen who spend a lot of time creating these fine works of art! 

You can be sure that when you purchase our furniture, you will receive a handmade piece of art with many years of lasting quality. 

We sell furniture made from Indonesian teak root, a beautiful and durable material that has been used for furniture for hundreds of years. 

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