Credit: Grace Oak Designs

Black Teak Root Console Table: Cleaning Your Wood Furniture

Teak wood has a high silica content and natural oils, making it exceedingly solid. The silica also makes this substance impenetrable to insects, which burrow holes and weaken it. It does not corrode metals with which it comes into contact because of the silica and oils. Finally, the teak tree takes a long time to

Indoor Round Teak Root Coffee Table (Credit: uttermost)

Teak Root Coffee Table Round: How to Take Care Your Furniture

Teak root is well-known for its erratic, irregular growth pattern as well as its high resilience. With the Natural Teak Root Coffee Table, we sought to take the greatest qualities of these organic pieces of art.pattern We let the gorgeous teak wood do the rest of the talking after we’ve carefully sourced these uncovered roots.