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Teak Root Coffee Table Design

Square Teak Root Coffee Table: Tricks to Protect Dining Room Furniture

Teak is valued for its attractive color, resistance to natural elements, and renewability. Old teak trees grown mostly on plantations supply the long, clear planks with few knots used to produce high-quality teak furniture....

Types of Interior Design Teak Root Coffee Table

You may be looking around your living room and realizing that your furniture isn't quite up to the task of accommodating guests now that the holidays are looming large. Even though there may be lots...

Block Teak Root Coffee Table: Picking Your Favorite Indoor Furniture

Love adding natural additions to your home? The Block Teak Root Coffee Table is exactly that, a table constructed from a solid teak root. On every side you're given a peek into its unique...

Teak Root Ball Coffee Table: Styling Your Outdoor Table

Just because you're living outside doesn't mean it has to be dull. You should and should add decorations and trinkets to your outside area to make it look more appealing. And where would be...

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