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Teak Console Table Nz: Where to Place My Console? 

Console tables are meant to fit in spaces where a larger piece of furniture would be too unwieldy. They are available in a wide range of sizes, shapes, and materials, and they can be both attractive and utilitarian. Do you want to know if a console table is perfect for your home? We’ve done the research and have the answers for you!

Console tables can be found everywhere in the house where there is space or a desire for a little more decor – but they are most commonly found at the front entry or near another large piece of furniture, such as behind a living room sofa or in front of your bed.

If you live in a large open plan environment, a console might assist separate the space. Instead of positioning your table against a wall, why not run it flush behind a floating sofa in the center of the room for a stunning design with considerable finesse?

If you’re striving for a striking table design, keep your toppings stylish and minimal. If the table is more subdued, you can go wild with eye-catching lighting, accessories, and more! Fans of shelfie style may choose a tiered design, which will give you even more room to channel your inner stylista!

Aside from that, you should probably allow room for any practical items like keys and books, especially if your console is in your entry hall.

Where to Place Console Table (Credit: Filhem Studio)
Where to Place Console Table (Credit: Filhem Studio)

What Size Should a Console Table Be?

It is vital that you select a console table that fits properly into the area given for it. This should not be difficult because they come in a wide range of depths, heights, and lengths.

  • Console tables can be as little as 10″ and as much as 24″ deep. The normal depth is 14″ to 18″.
  • The height can range from 26″ to 36″. Most modern console tables are 29″ to 33″ tall.
  • Length might range from 24″ to 60″ or more. The standard range is from 30″ to 50″.

A console table positioned behind a sofa should be the same height as the back of the sofa, or one inch lower.

Can A TV Be Placed On A Console Table?

Modern flat-screen TVs can be positioned on console tables or hung directly above them on the wall. Because of the flat-screen TV’s small base, homeowners may now replace cumbersome entertainment centers with elegant, streamlined console tables. 

Before you buy, consider whether you need shelving for auxiliary equipment, storage baskets for remotes and accessories, and/or cabinet space under the tabletop for DVDs or games.

Console Table For Placing TV (Credit: Amazon)
Console Table For Placing TV (Credit: Amazon)

Get Your Teak Console Tables! 

Want to have a console table for your home? You’ve come to the right place. Furniteak has a varieties of console table from a solid wood. So, you don’t have to worry about its quality. You can place your order and design it your way. Then, we will process your order for months and send out to you with free shipping guarantee. 

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