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Decorate Your Console Tables Like an Expert

The entrance console table is usually the first thing you or your guests see when you walk in the front door; it has both an utilitarian and fashionable role, and as such, it can be difficult to design a console table properly.

Stuck on how to transform your console table into an aesthetically beautiful and utilitarian area to complement your existing foyer decor? We chatted with a few pros in our network to gather their best advice on how to decorate an entryway table and keep it orderly.

How to Decor Console Table (Credit: studio-mcgee)

How to Decor Console Table (Credit: studio-mcgee)

Don’t Overlook Height

To establish a consistent table design, we recommend adopting her three-layer approach: low, medium, and high. ‘Think about utilizing a long, slim tray (low) paired with stacked books or photo frames (middle) and anchored with a tall vase or light (high),’ she suggests. ‘This place should feature a great array of goods.’

Keep Balancing

It’s nice to have a large variety of items on the table. To balance things out, place one tall vase on one side (maybe with an orchid or other fresh flowers) and two smaller items (such as a tiny sculpture and a small bowl) on the other.

Create A Designated Drop Zone

You can try to use your console table only for decoration, but it will nearly always end up being a catch-all for keys, wallets, and mail. It is preferable to accept life and anticipate that your console table will be used for practical purposes as well.

When you get home, put your keys in a bowl. This way, they’re always in the same location for you to grab on your way out the door, but they still make your console table design look planned.


Lighting is often the most ignored aspect of entryway design. You can’t go wrong with a huge table lamp, and depending on the length of your console table, you can even style a set of two. Ideal in conjunction with wall sconces and other sorts of hallway lighting designs.

Console Table in Living Room (Credit: farmhousehub)

Console Table in Living Room (Credit: farmhousehub)

Teak Console Table Singapore

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