Living in the UK doesn’t mean you can’t decorate your home with natural ambiance from teak wood. Because Furniteak has a wide variety of  teak wood products, including the console tables. Right after you purchase your order, we’re gonna send it to you for free! 

The foyer introduces the aesthetic of your home. The console table style is important in defining the tone. Although each home is unique, there are a few console table style methods that we frequently use to bring our foyer ideas to life.

Styling Your Console Table

Teak Console Table in UK (Credit: shadesofblueinteriors)

Teak Console Table in UK (Credit: shadesofblueinteriors)

Styling a console table is all about generating moments that add utility and individuality to your room, which can be easier said than done! Here are a few of our favorite console table styling tips:

The Groundwork

We want to ground the bottom of open consoles with more substantial elements to equalize visual weight. Baskets are an excellent choice because they provide additional shoe storage while also adding nice textural character. Try styling larger, shapely pieces like vases or even stacked coffee table books to add interest.

As a general guideline, anything you style on the bottom should be tall enough to leave only a small space between them and the top of the console.

Raise The Bar

We like to hang or lean a larger item above entryway consoles to tie everything together. We enjoy using artwork to set the tone for the rest of the house or a mirror excellent for checking yourself out the door. Styling a huge piece above a console table offers a focal point and brings the eye in, helping to balance out the remainder of the appearance.

Include Important Extras

Starting with the big parts simplifies the process of decorating any vignette. Bring in your important pieces first — lamps, a large vase, piled books, or more layered artwork — and then stand back to assess how it feels.

If anything doesn’t appear quite right, try matching the scale of the two parts on either side of the console. For example, if you have a large lamp on the left, a vase with a comparable scale or size on the right might simply bring cohesion.

Details in Style

When you’ve completed the main components, it’s time to add the details! A candle for aroma, a tray or box to corral keys, small sculptural design items, and, of course, plants are just a few ideas to outfit a console table.

Teak Console Table UK

Teak Console Table in UK (Credit: shadesofblueinteriors)

Teak Console Table in UK (Credit: shadesofblueinteriors)

Are you in the UK and looking for teak console tables for sale online? Furniteak has a plethora of alternatives to ensure that you locate Console Tables that are appropriate for your environment. All of the products you’re seeing now have the “Teak” filter enabled, allowing you to select from a wide range of excellent options. 

With amazing prices and different console table options, you can easily narrow down your search so that you can buy one of our goods online today and have it delivered to your home for free!

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