Are you sick of console tables that look more uninspired than elegant? If the answer is yes, make sure to go through Furniteak’s selection of modern and traditional console table designs. We carry thousands of unique antique console table designs that aren’t available anyplace else.

Why Choosing a Vintage Console Table? 

These adorable little Victorian hall tables are proof positive that good things do come in small packages. There have been console tables for ages. It’s not surprising that they appear and feel a touch opulent because there is a rumor that they may be discovered in European palaces.

While opulent designs have endured over time, you may still discover modern vintage consoles that are streamlined and simple. ideally suited to modern households.

Hallways are frequently the smallest rooms in the house, yet they receive the most traffic. A vintage console table is ideal for storing all of the small items we pick up on our way in and out of the house. The ones who never seem to have a place to call home. Keeping them all together on a vintage hall table by the front door.

In the bedroom, an antique console table can also serve as a dressing table. Just add a mirror and some nice lighting and you’ve got yourself a dedicated glam zone.

Vintage console tables can even be utilized in the living and dining rooms to showcase family photos in vintage picture frames and beloved mementos.

Vintage Furniture Design (Credit: houseandgarden)

Vintage Furniture Design (Credit: houseandgarden)

Which One To Choose? 

Vintage console tables are frequently half moon shaped to maximize space. However, there are numerous rectangle patterns and even altar styles accessible. The majority are constructed of wood, but there are also plenty made of marble and glass, with traces of metal and crystal.

The finishes of vintage console tables vary. For an affluent appearance, art deco styles frequently have a mirrored or lacquered surface. And, depending on the style of the time, wooden tables might have a smooth or distressed appearance.

Matching vintage console tables are also available. These matching sets are ideal for use as bedside tables or to create a statement in larger halls.

Furniteak Teak Console Table Vintage

Vintage Teak Console Table (Credit: Home Barn)

Vintage Teak Console Table (Credit: Home Barn)

Furniteak has a good selection of high-quality vintage console tables, allowing you to possess a piece of history. Our vintage consoles are made entirely of teak wood. Your vintage console will look wonderful and be used frequently, making it a must-have in your home.

Teak wood is recognized as the world’s best timber. These tropical trees are great for making patio furniture.

All of the wood in our furniture comes from government-certified plantations maintained by the Perhutani State Forestry (Indonesia) to ensure replanting and the preservation of rainforests critical to the global ecosystem.

We only use grade “A” teak wood, which means it is free of faults, knots, white streaks, sapwood, and is of a similar color.

Every piece of our furniture has been meticulously quality checked. Because of the robust, well-constructed joints, high-grade brass hardware, smooth sanded surface, and secure packaging, our goods will arrive in perfect condition.

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