The coffee table is the focal point of the living area. While it might serve as a landing zone for remote controls and magazines, it can also serve as a showcase for your personal style.

There is some logic to constructing a great tablescape, such as using pieces of varied heights, but the beauty comes from an artful mix of flowers, books, trays, and unexpected objects.

Credit: House Beautiful

Credit: House Beautiful

Consider the Scale

Consider the scale of the table and your living space as a whole before purchasing any styling goods or decorating your coffee table.

You don’t want your coffee table to be so crowded that there’s no room to rest a drink or a remote. A border of vacant space around the table is necessary to allow your stylistic arrangement to ‘breathe.’

On the other hand, if you have a huge coffee table, you can experiment with oversized things or many stacks – it’s all about balance.

Choose a Theme

All successful styling begins with a strategy, even for a little place like a coffee table. While we love mixing and matching pieces, it’s important to consider the overall aesthetic or feel you want to achieve – is it easygoing and natural, or more polished and luxe?

With this in mind, it will be easier to choose suitable pieces and you will be satisfied with the finished product.

Combine Textures

If you’ve gone this far and aren’t satisfied with the aesthetic of your coffee table, you might want to experiment with different textures. If you solely used harsh materials like glass or metal, your coffee table may feel cold and would benefit from some natural textures like wood or woven cloth.

The more you mix up the materials, the more interesting your coffee table will be — just make sure you choose pieces that complement the design and feel you want to achieve.

High and Low Elements

Another useful idea for designing your coffee table is to experiment with height and scale. If all of the pieces are the same size or height, the arrangement may appear flat – literally and metaphorically!

To create an interesting arrangement, use at least one tall item, such as the orchid we used, or a candlestick or sculpture, and one lower and wider element, such as a tray or stack of books.

Furniteak Teak Root Ball Coffee Table

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