You may want kitchen stools to convert a counter into a breakfast bar. Or you might be adding a dining room to a part of your home that you didn’t believe would be useful in the first place. You know you need a home bar if you enjoy entertaining. It is up to you how far you take it. 

The home bar furniture you select should reflect your personal taste while also indicating to your visitors that they are welcome in your house. Here are some pointers to assist you choose the best home bar furniture for your needs.

Credit: Gossby

Credit: Gossby

Comfort Level

If you intend to spend a lot of time at your home bar, you might want something upholstered, such as leather bar stools. Swivel bar stools are convenient for getting in and out of tight places. A stool with a higher back may also make your time in your home bar more enjoyable.

Add Your Style

If you’re only going to use the stools for a few drinks and some light chat, comfort isn’t as important, so you can focus on aesthetics. Because you’ll be seeing the backs of your bar stools most of the time, choose something with a pleasing back view. 

Retro bar stools in vividly colored vinyl will add a whimsical touch to your home bar, making it feel like a burger shop or an ice cream parlor.

Depending on the type of wood and whether or not the seat is upholstered, wood bar stools can have a formal or casual appearance. Metal bar stools with low backs may transform your home bar into a chic hangout.

Bar Stool Height

Credit: Homedit

Credit: Homedit

18-inch bar stools are utilized at a vanity or dressing table. This is also the height of slot machines, if you want to add one to your home bar. Counter stools range in height from 24 to 26 inches. Use these on 36- to 39-inch-high kitchen counters.

Bar stools have seats that range in height from 26 to 31 inches. These will fit in 40 to 45 inch tall bars, countertops, and bar tables. Taller stools can be up to 36 inches tall, but these are usually custom stools, so you won’t see many of these on the market.

Typically, bar tables have a smaller width than dining tables. Otherwise, you can shop for a bar table the same way you shop for a dining table.


If you are starting from scratch and want to ensure that your bar stools and table will be the right height for each other, shop for pub sets. The size and the style will already be coordinated, and all you’ll have to do is set them up and invite over your friends.

Furniteak Teak Root Bar Table

Bar tables, also known as high tables, are ideal for socializing and fit wonderfully in small rooms. Solid wood, composite wood, chipboard, safety glass, metal, or even steel and stone are some of the most frequent materials used to build bar tables.

If you want to customize your items with a solid wood basis, Furniteak is the ideal option!

Why us? Because our teak furnishings are selected from the best wood, dried, and transported to Indonesia where they are carved in detail by the best wood craftsmen, adding beauty to the aspect. Then it’s wrapped in the finest materials to give you a one-of-a-kind frame of mind.

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