How to combine coffee table and end table styles is a frequent topic of discussion here. We enjoy combining diverse materials and shapes, and we have a few design tips to help you achieve this look in your own house. Continue reading to find out how to choose the best accent tables for your home.

Selecting a Coffee Table

Let’s start with the coffee table. Consider your coffee table to be the foundation piece around which the rest of your table selections will be built. Your coffee table is located in front of your sofa and serves as a storage area for all of the small items we require. You have the option of using an ottoman, a tiny pair of tables, or a regular coffee table.

Credit: stylebyemilyhenderson

Credit: stylebyemilyhenderson

Selecting End Tables

Think of your end tables as pillars if your coffee table is the basis of your living space. End tables surround your sofa and are ideal for storing drinks, framed photographs, bowls, lamps, and other trinkets or accessories.

How to Pair Your Coffee And End Tables

Now that we’ve got a broad notion of what we want in a coffee table and end tables, let’s put them together! Fortunately, combining your coffee and end tables is much simpler than you might believe! Here are a few pointers to get you started.


Mix your materials in your room to give texture and aesthetic appeal. For instance, if you have a warm wood coffee table, add a metal or stone end table for contrast. You can also mix & match different woods and finishes. Don’t be hesitant to mix and match different tones and grains, but bear in mind that undertones are important. If your woods have a warm undertone, keep it that way throughout; the same goes for chilly undertones.


Using different shapes to add contrast to your room. Pair a long, rectangular coffee table with a round end table, or a round coffee table with a square end table.

Credit: ballarddesigns

Credit: ballarddesigns

Maintain Cohesiveness

Your coffee table and end tables do not have to match, but it is best to have a thread of continuity throughout your design. This can be achieved by the use of color, material, shape, or scale.


The scale of your furniture is vital in any room. Make sure your coffee and end tables are the right size for your room. For example, if you have a large, open concept living room, you will need a hefty coffee table to lend weight to the area, as well as large-scale end tables to create a feeling of balance.

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