Teak root is well-known for its erratic, irregular growth pattern as well as its high resilience. With the Natural Teak Root Coffee Table, we sought to take the greatest qualities of these organic pieces of art.pattern

We let the gorgeous teak wood do the rest of the talking after we’ve carefully sourced these uncovered roots. Each piece has a completely one-of-a-kind look and feel because of the distinct coloring and rich grain that naturally mix with the unconventional root pattern.

Indoor Round Teak Root Coffee Table (Credit: uttermost)

Indoor Round Teak Root Coffee Table (Credit: uttermost)

Steps to Take Care Your Furniture

Teak root furniture maintenance is as simple as caring for any other hardwood furniture; a regular washing with a gentle wet cloth is all that is required to keep it in good shape.

The only thing we need to pay attention to are the hidden crevices of the root, which can be tough to reach with ordinary wipe-off procedures; we will need some kind of brush to reach the hidden corner.

If you have teak root outdoor furniture, you will notice that it will turn a greyish color over time. This is normal because teak has a high oil content that protects it from water and makes it rot resistant. Most people enjoy this natural color, but if you don’t, ask your furniture provider to add specific outdoor treatments to keep the original color.

Round Teak Root Coffee Table (Credit: qlivingfurniture)

Round Teak Root Coffee Table (Credit: qlivingfurniture)

Teak Root Furniture Average Cost

The Teak Root Round Coffee Table has a distinct appearance that will stand out in any room. Handcrafted from 100 percent genuine Teak root and combined with a glass top to fully exhibit the root’s natural form. This functional and beautiful round coffee table guarantees that the natural beauty of the Teak roots can be viewed from all angles.

The cost of teak root furniture is directly proportional to its size; the larger the root, the more expensive the finished piece. Gathering and processing such a massive teak tree is not a simple undertaking, which is why the price would be more than for a tiny item.

Teak root furniture is generally more expensive than conventional wooden furniture, however this is entirely dependent on the design of the item.

Furniteak Teak Root Coffee Table Round

Do you seek a round teak root coffee table? You’ve come to the correct place. Our magnificent and one-of-a-kind teak root coffee tables are meticulously dug up, sanded, and finished with a clear lacquer gloss.¬†

This clear lacquer brings out the wonderful hues and highlights the distinctive wood texture. Handmade by expert artisans, these rustic coffee tables are genuinely functional works of art at an unbeatable price and quality!

Because no two teak root coffee tables are the same, you will undoubtedly own a one-of-a-kind piece of furniture. Each table is unique, and the photographs are only a few examples.

We provide you with the finest shipping insurance available. The insurance may cover the loss or total damage to the item you purchased.

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