It can be difficult to strike a balance between simplicity and lifelessness. After we’ve decluttered and edited our belongings, we must consider how we will use the space. How do we design a warm, minimalist home? It all boils down to the specifics. And this is when warm simplicity comes into play.

Warm minimalism is something to consider if you want a luxury, neat but lived-in look. A style that will make your home feel more sophisticated while also being warm.

Credit: Joybird

Credit: Joybird

Color Scheme

A warm color palette is required for a warm minimalist color scheme. The interior scheme is built on neutral colors. Warm whites, beige, creams, and taupes are warm. Warm brown tones, too.

To really make the interior space warm and pleasant, choose lighter colors that will help maximize natural light.

When painting your walls white, make sure the undertone is correct. Concentrate on the colors on the right side of the color wheel. All of these are warm colors. Warm and deep, rich and rusty color tones can be used as accent colors in the minimalist look.


These warm colors should also be used for the materials in the color scheme. Natural materials and woods bring texture and warmth to them. This is not to say that you cannot use hard materials such as stone.

When it comes to stone finishes, however, warm colors like travertine and cream granite are preferable to white marble. Rattan, cane, and leather are excellent material alternatives for your space.

Textures & Soft Furnishings Layering

Layering different textures is ideal for creating a cozy minimalist space. Wools such as boucle, bulky knits, and linens can be used for furniture or soft furnishings.

Credit: lifebeyondnumbers

Credit: lifebeyondnumbers

Stick to warm neutral colors like linen or cotton for curtains and draperies. Sheer curtains will give the room a delicate softness.

Bring in natural rugs, such as jutes and seagrasses, to add a sense of nature to the room. If textured rugs aren’t your thing, opt for neutral solid-colored carpets instead. Alternatively, carpets with a simple pattern and design.

Finishes & Home Décor

For décor and whatever else you add to the room, you want to keep it real and realistic. Avoid using plastics, vinyl, and other similar materials. This look works well with ceramics, wood, and rustic textures.

Tactile and rough surfaces bring character to what could appear to be a perfectly polished overall design. This is not the case with the minimalist movement. Including such items will serve to break up the area against the sleek and modern things you do include in your room.

Furniteak Teak Root Coffee Table

Any furniture you have in a minimalist area must be carefully considered. Even in a small room, the furniture will be the focal point. Even more so in a basic setting. Traditional minimalist home design features angular and clean lines.

Furniteak allows you to customize your furniture to fit your minimalist room. We provide free personalized furniture products so that you can discuss any shape and finish that you like.

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