Who is unfamiliar with teak root furniture? Teak roots were not commonly used in the past and even became natural trash; however, due to the dwindling availability of teak, teak roots are today quite expensive. Historically, the roots of teak wood were only utilized for fuel.

Those of you who have teak root furniture at home are quite fortunate to have furniture that is both expensive and valuable. Before we get started on mending damaged teak root furniture, let’s take a look at the wood itself. The restoration method will be easier if you are already familiar with the features of the teak root.

Teak Root Coffee Table With Glass Top (Credit: Qlivingfurniture)

Teak Root Coffee Table With Glass Top (Credit: Qlivingfurniture)

Teak Root Furniture Maintenance

Teak root furniture care is as simple as caring for any other hardwood furniture; a frequent washing with a gentle wet cloth is all that is required to keep it in pristine shape.

The only thing we need to pay attention to are the hidden crevices of the root, which can be tough to reach with traditional wipe-off procedures; we’ll need some kind of brush to reach the hidden corner.

If you have teak root outdoor furniture, you will notice that it will turn greyish over time. This is normal because teak has a high oil content that protects it from water and makes it rot resistant.

Teak Root Coffee Table Maintenance (Credit: homesdirect365)

Teak Root Coffee Table Maintenance (Credit: homesdirect365)

Most people enjoy this natural color, but if you don’t, ask your furniture provider to apply special outdoor treatments to keep the color.

Furniteak Teak Root Coffee Table with Glass Top

A coffee table made of teak root would be a lovely addition to your living space; they are often round or square in shape. However, because you will largely be placing drinks and food on the table, we believe a glass top is essential.

Furniteak offers tons of teak root coffee tables with natural, unfinished teak wood sculpted into a dramatic table with a thick, clear glass top. It will be a hit to be placed in your living room. 

  • Because each item is handcrafted, the design may vary.
  • Made from Teak Root
  • Surface made of clear glass
  • Teak Root and Driftwood Collection

Brighten up any living room with this remarkable and genuinely one-of-a-kind coffee table from our teak and driftwood furniture line. This magnificent teak root coffee table, made of teak and sporting a great designed coffee table base with a clear glass surface, will bring flair and elegance.

We ship from Indonesia. We do not accept refunds or exchanges, but if you have any issues, please contact us as soon as possible. All orders will be processed one at a time, and you will be provided with a detailed image at the end of the process, so please describe your order clearly.

Please contact us via email or phone to discuss your new teak root furniture project, and let’s build a healthy long-term business partnership.

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