A console table is a piece of accent furniture designed for use in a living room, family room, or corridor. It’s a fantastic spot for a vase of flowers, photos, and other small touches that make a house seem like home.

Choosing one style for each room gives your home continuity and flow, and is a direct reflection of your personal tastes and lifestyle. The good news about picking a style is that there is no right or wrong. There are so many different ones to choose from that it might drive you a little crazy selecting just one. 

How to Choose Teak Root Coffee Table (Credit: Amazon)

How to Choose Teak Root Coffee Table (Credit: Amazon)


Traditional furniture is usually made of wood and has medium wood finishes or dark wood finishes. Furniture pieces are richly ornamented with elaborate decorative and architectural detail such as moldings, turned spindles, cabriole legs and intricate brass drawer pulls. 

They tend to be oversized and impressive, with a stately or formal appearance. Traditional furniture, based on historical periods and social trends, spans several centuries, from the Renaissance to the Victorian era.


Transitional furniture resembles traditional style because it is a blend of both traditional and contemporary decorative elements. However, transitional style has a relaxed appearance because decoration is pared down and is not as ornate. 

Lines and forms are flowing, but can also be combined with linear components. Transitional furnishings are both functional and comfortable and tend to be of a more moderate scale. A transitional console table typically has classical lines, rounded corners and a medium to dark wood finish.


Contemporary style focuses on function and form rather. Lines and forms are more linear, but can have rounded corners and softer and simpler ornamentation. 

Contemporary furniture pieces have an uncluttered, calm appearance and are commonly constructed of lighter woods with light wood finishes and medium wood finishes. Sub styles of contemporary furnishings include urban, Art Deco and retro.

Round Teak Root Coffee Table (Credit: Amazon)

Round Teak Root Coffee Table (Credit: Amazon)


Modern furniture tends to have no ornamentation or if there is decorative detail, it is lean and spare and an integral part of the design of the piece. Surfaces are sleek and polished; chrome and glass are common construction materials. Sometimes it is considered to be cold, but modern furniture is an expression of a particular architectural movement.


Country furniture grew out of traditional conventions. However, it depicts the social customs and philosophies of the region of its origin. For example, as colonists adapted old world cabinetry techniques to their new surroundings, Colonial furniture used lighter finishes and decorative detail became less ornate. A country style console table is usually constructed of wood and can have scalloped edges, wainscoting and turned legs.

Furniteak Teak Root Console Table

After choosing your console table’s style, now it’s turn to order and purchase your Furniteak Teak Root Console Table. We have a wide variety of teak wood furniture that you can choose as you desire. 

Since it’s customizable, you don’t have to worry about the same design. We guarantee you will get your furniture based on the design you have purchased! 

However, before placing your order, please read our privacy policy and everything. We do not accept cancellations or refunds, but we do have a restricted policy allowing you to cancel your order.

We do not accept cancellations or refunds after 6 hours. So, make sure you read the policy. If you have an emergency that requires you to cancel your order, you will be charged a cancellation fee.

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