Whatever your purpose for adding a console table to your house, there is a method to get a design that you’ll enjoy for a long time. Simply keep in mind the two most fundamental aspects of styling: scale and placement.


Your decorative objects must be appropriate for the scale of the piece of furniture on which they are displayed. There will be no flimsy lamps on enormous console tables or over-sized circular mirrors hung over small console tables.

Credit: renovatedfaith

Credit: renovatedfaith


“Layer, layer, layer,” repeat to yourself every time you style something. Stack things up, group them together… Don’t simply spread things out because the table is long.

Everything else, from the design pieces you choose to what you hang over the console table, is up to you and your unique style. When it comes to designing your console table, consider the following:

  • Purely decorative
  • A place to drop mail and keys
  • A functional piece of furniture in a living space
  • Will it need to provide light for a space?

It is advised not to choose your accessories based on the design of your console table while decorating it. A blend of numerous styles has resulted in some of the best, most unusual, and eye-catching console styling I’ve seen.

Credit: Real Homes

Credit: Real Homes

Mix Your Furniture

What to hang over the console table? It  can be a mirror, arts, an interesting oversized object, collection of baskets, hats, and other mix materials. 

The subject of what to hang over a console table might be discussed all day, but a mirror is always an excellent choice. However, depending on where you live, a large piece of art hanging above your console may be more appropriate. 

Go ahead and show an intriguing thing, a very large basket, or a collection of straw hats or antiquities. Simply ensure that the scale is correct for the table.

An illustration of a console table with framed art above it can be seen here. As long as you like the way whatever you choose to hang over this multipurpose piece of furniture looks next to the table, you may really exercise your creativity.

As a general guideline, you should pair a metal or gilded mirror with a hardwood console table if you have one. The best way to liven up a metal, white, concrete, or Lucite console table is with a wooden or gilded mirror. Gilded is suitable for every circumstance and is classic. Mixing materials will help you achieve visual harmony.

Furniture Teak Root Console Table

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